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Map: Aerodyne
« on: March 12, 2007, 12:54:28 AM »
Right, so anyway, I'm more looking at maps from a woo yea! point of view than balance. I'm thinking about awesome situations.

I really cant think of any "vaguely normal places" like the other maps have been or "military depots".

So, I'm thinking vehicles, planes specifically.
okay, so, it needs to be big to avoid being horrifically linear.

For this map i want more than one way to win, but with one central mechanic, extendible mission time. You have (say) 5 minutes which can be rest at any time by hacking one of a few fairly spread out objectives. The logic behind it will be a transmission going out which you need to corrupt and then destroy the data source.

So, if this transmission goes out? you lose.

Ways to win as spy?

Kill the data before transmission by hacking a series of laptops. Boring, these will be very exposed places, but scattered through out the map, a good candidate for remote hacking if its used.

Or cut the engines, 2 rooms to bomb one in each wing would maybe need a hack before the bomb could even be placed, the bomb would be in a relative dead-end and easy to destroy due to only a few close points of placement, wings are relatively identical.

Kill navigation, the plane will be the return of my neck snappable static pilot, and there will be a AI autopilot hack, this hack will be long (30 seconds?) and very exposed, however, while left alone the hack will go backwards at half speed. so if down to 1 second and left alone for a minute its recharged (the AI is taking back its mind).

The pilot will be the easiest the conquer requiring a 1 sec door hack and a little time in the cabins to get there.

The AI will be in the luggage/undercarriage with some of the laptops,

Oh, one of the laptops? I'd love it to *BE* a guy (kinda like he knows the info rather than having it on a pc) and must be killed a (neck snap, droptech or shoulder bash will kill him), he'd be an old dude in a suit who idles at a chair sipping coffee but when alerted by the spies runs away and cowers in the toilet (which has a vent) if the crude NPCs could be worked in, I'd also love to have a wholly irrelevant air hostess who you can use as a human shield.

She could be used to open some cabin level doors that would normally only open for the mercenaries whether conscious or dead, but alive she can open more (say an optical recognition system which can either be instantly done with the hostess or hacked for 10 seconds without... Cynical mercenaries can execute her at the start. I don't want to discourage this, but i want her death to have a horrific scream. And cause the old man with the suit will hide in the toilet when she is killed making him easier prey.

But he's hardly a primary objective.

Oh, if you don't hack the laptops and kill the guy (so kill navigation or engines) the plane will start to crash cue a countdown and emergency lighting. Spies if down to their last lives will want to evacuate or lose, as the plane will be flooded with an explosion as the countdown finishes but jumping out of the emergency exit or pilots window will activate a skydive cutscene which renders the spy invulnerable. Spies that have won by hacking will still win if they evacuate (which is super easy from the spies safe spawn).

And thus the end.
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