Spy model...in progress

Started by goodkebab, February 18, 2007, 01:51:42 AM

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Just a quick render test of the modelling I am doing...no textures...no normal maps

Hope it gets you guys excited.

The texturing and normal mapping is where it all comes together guys.  Right now i have to concentrate on profile, lines, and volume.  Its about 5000 triangles at the moment with plenty of room for me to optimize it.

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Looks like he's wearin' sunnies :D
Nah he's pretty cool, i loiek!  ;)




looks very nice, I liked the tweak version quite a lot.



Quote from: goodkebab on February 04, 2007, 11:43:30 PM

look at all that junk between his legs, if he tries to climb over a fenc, it will get snagged and ripp off!!  :'(


In the concept art, I liked the idea of well defined body armor (chest and belly) but here, I have no idea where it ends, it's just not seperated enough from the swimsuit. Is the 6 pack part of the armor? The three holes in the eyes....they shouldn't actually be holes, right? Shouldn't it have like a dome-ish thing coming out of them which are LED lights? In CT SP, I liked Sam's big well defined arm muscles upon muscles, was hoping you were going to do that here. Also, the forearms are just weird (probably work in progress, wait for gadgets?). All in all, the concept was that the spy had a bunch of stuff that were seperate but attached to his body, the model looks (more or less) one big thing. Where are the bands that hold the goggles on? We need more back (butt) shots.


i did not mention this...but the arms and legs are not even touched yet....so ignore them for now.

Also, i will be sharpening the edges to give the armor a more crisp look.


Overstatment...i am still fairly true to the concept art.  At this moment i am defining the lines for the armor.

Muscle comes next....dont forget you are essentially looking at an unfinished normal map.