Merc -finished!!

Started by goodkebab, May 11, 2007, 11:20:08 AM

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Finished Merc


Added the ammo harness with gear and side pack.  All that is left is a gas mask and shoulder pads.


Not bad, if the  arms were covered and the guy would wear a bavacada.  ;D


Yeah, I like this one less than the other one.

It's too plain and boring. The first and only thing different from a generic merc is the head which itself is not very appealing(I can hear the nickname "Bullethead"). Probably wouldn't look so good with visions or without a gas mask either.

And cover the arms (we aren't fighting in the jungles of nam)! Practicality over style. But still conflicted over kneepads since they look so cool.


yea i can see his head is shaped like a bullet kinda.. it doesn't look too bad and i actually like it kinda. but there is still something missing


i think he looks badass, except the head. Personally i'd like a simple visor that covers the entire FOV not some all-round the head idea that you've gone for there.

Btw kebab, your drawing skills own so badly.


I don't think you can like the merc but not the head...It is the first and last thing I look at when I see this picture and I'm saying that in both: it is a bright colour on an otherwise dark uniform, and it's the head which is always the first and most important thing you look at.


Don't like the DA-styled visor.


I think the visor is too much.
Kneepads are ok and color of his pants is cool.
Maybe some high-tech/cool looking elbow pads?
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Gui Brazil

It's awesome.

Only thing I'd change, as blob said, is the head. Maybe make the top part black or something.


the visor owns...i would have to show more sketches...or just show you this


I hate the visor, and it's so obtrusive that it's the only thing that stands out in the picture. The rest of it is cool, but it's rather simple-looking. Your other concept drawing of a merc is much better imo.


Quote from: goodkebab on May 11, 2007, 06:55:28 PM
the visor owns...i would have to show more sketches...or just show you this

Well, it may look cool on a zombie but doesn't really do the same for a hired gun that's supposed to chase spies.

How you do your modelling is your own business. I'm just elaborating on where I am coming from.


what,,, no zombies in your world?


They only come out on sundays.


I hate the visor.
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