"What artists/programmers are proud of"-thread

Started by frvge, November 25, 2010, 01:39:55 PM

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That looks much slicker with the whole thing rendered with textures and whatnot.
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Quote from: frvge on November 26, 2010, 07:37:19 PM
And the next thing.

A video from comicsserg who has been working on new animations and tweaking older ones.
This is a render from the latest neckbreak with a ragdoll effect in Maya (which didn't really turn out the way we wanted, but meh)

Neckbreak anim
Woah, cool. And I like the music.


Very cool. A pleasant surprise for the day haha


falling merc is...weird ;/ change that! This part of animation suck.


it's just to let you know that after break the ragdoll will be added, now it's done with maya, the actual ragdoll will be performed in engine so it will be much better.


Good to know :) Now im waiting for open-beta x)


By the way has anyone experienced some weird bug upon a neckbreak where you grab a mercenary, and as you neck snap him, he like moves 10 feet to the side and he just warps around you till you actually let go of him? Any idea what that is? and what are the chances of that happening in PS, not saying it will, but the codingis probably similiar to CT, I don't know.


Below the line are the entries of Kon Artist (level designer) and Binary (modeler, environmental art/modeler) for Asylum.


Entrance Concept Art
Modeled Art

The biggest challenge in the map was capturing the mood and feel of an old asylum.  As you can see, there are changes from the current 3D render of the entrance room compared to the concept that I did during the summer.  As Binary and I conducted more research on metal hospitals during the 1950's we made changes to the textures of the room.  The layout of the map hasn't changed drastically from the original blue print.  But the visual look of the environment has.

Before the additional study took place, the current concepts had rich textures that became very busy and distracting within the game space. As it turned out, Asylums or mental hospitals were painted to cover repeating textures, such as wood, because they would mess with people that had mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

So not only did this better set the mood of the map, but it also helped in unifying the map. We wanted the textures to focus on dirt and grunge, a run down place, and this idea mixed well with having less busy wall patterns and floors.  Also a game that relies on lights and shadows, overcomplicated textures would take away from the core gameplay element: light and shadows.

So the textures and changes in short were are result of this:

Map theme needed to feel more authentic and real;
Busy textures and too many different textures became distracting to the players.
Simplifying textures helped put the focus back on the core gameplay element, light and shadows.

Kon Artist and Binary.


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This is really phenomenal, that what I was talking about the light balance, the comparison of the previous has it's light a bit too much of dark, this one has just correct.


Quote from: DreadStunLock on November 27, 2010, 07:59:36 PM
This is really phenomenal, that what I was talking about the light balance, the comparison of the previous has it's light a bit too much of dark, this one has just correct.

has the right amount :/ ?  i believe," has just correct " does not make sense in the modern world

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Anyway back on topic, what I mean by the right amount of lightning is the fact that most of the maps are always pitch black and the map makers are very scared of putting light somewhere and thinking it's going to be overpowered, look at Clarity soft, tons of lights and open lighted areas.



Judging by the quality so far, I would seriously buy this if it were on Steam :)