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Alien Worm

Started by DreadStunLock, May 12, 2011, 08:56:36 PM

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Polys: 626
Verts: 685


I name it... Zed! Hi Zed!!!


I think Zedblade will probably kick your ass pandering for such an insult :P


No! I name it.... Maja! Hi Maja! And give me big boot to kill this worm-bastard!


You should triangulate it, most engines are not too fond of quads.

Also post front, side,top wireframes and actual render - with smooth shading -


ooo you made a big error modelling it.
The ONE major rule is that the polygon must NEVER has more than 4 Vertices!!!!

The problem with polygons with more than 4 Verticesis that the smoothing will give artifacts and if you want to animate it in the future it will cause a lot of problems.

You must always model regular polygon with four sides (4 vertexes)  


Hmmmmm, I will see what I can do, and it's Vertices Comic :) Careful with that you might get fired from a job :)


Ok, here is another try:






P.S: Sorry for the log spamm Frvge, Imageshack was a bit gay.

So there it is in more quanity of screenshots.

The vertices one is for Comisserg to re-explain if possible because I didn't get the 1 Polygon should not have 4 vertices ><


Quote from: LennardF1989 on May 13, 2011, 02:16:37 PM
You should triangulate it, most engines are not too fond of quads.

Quads in Max are technically already triangulated, once imported into an engine if you look at the mesh post import you will see that each "quad" has been bisected forming 2 triangles.



Hahaha :D I just think I should have added Meshsmooth or Turbo to the model, cause it looks really crappy, and a bit better on the perspective non rendered view :/


hahah my mistake :) thx for saying it yo me :D
here is what is not good and how it should be

Possible solution:

or even better so:


The blue lines are edges right?


Yes, your model has more than 4 vertices (or blue point, for the sake of it - first screenshot) per quad (the white lines connecting the vertices).

Due to this, you cant even call it a quad, because obviously a quad has only four points. For the very same reason I said you should prevent using quads, because you can easily fix/spot errors this way - and the engine limitation is no joke. Actually, if you were to import this model into UDK, it would most likely explode - the model, that is, because you use triangles, quads and quad+ all next to eachother - it wil try to auto-triangulate and will most likely fail to do so -.

@Binary: I missed your note just untill now, I have always understood triangulating manually gives way more control than some engine doing it automatically for you.


Hmmmm, does that mean I have to redo the whole model? Cause I have never did anything in triangles, the only thing I experienced in triangles was the geo sphere :S

And I still don't get why in the first screenshot, the edges are connected to the neck area precisely and in the other one, they are weirdly scattered :/