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Started by DreadStunLock, May 12, 2011, 08:56:36 PM

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I don't animat ein 3Ds max anymore

MAYA is way better than max in animation and rigging


Doesn't seem logical to change to MAYA for me, they are both from the same company so they can't be that different, I mean MAX has to have a bigger strength over MAYA....doesn't it?

Speaking of which, I remember talking to Frvge and I wanted to try apply as a Concept Artist, well that Idea died since the pen tablet took way too long to learn so I gave it ago again:

Obviously this is not me applying but just interested what do devs think.

Image is 5000x3200 up from 800x600 was it?



A little large, dread.


I provided a link specifically for that, I was just a bit worried that the Imageshack wouldn't show it as 5k by 3k, but hey the bigger the better. You can't go wrong with that.


you are totally wrong about maya and max

Autodesk just bought the Maya for a lot of money a couple of years ago, and the interface and everything about maya is still like it was earlier and it's totally different from max. Actually everybody will say you that MAYA is way better in animation and rigging than max. Max will never be as good as Maya in animation :)


So, what's better in MAX than Maya? There has to be something?



I see polygons with more than 4 vertices inside his mouth and also on his head behind the eyes and also in the bottom view (2:08)


Yeap cleaning as I go :)

By the way, will the light go normal once I fix all the polygons and vertices? Cause on the back neck area, some polygons have weird lightning, like one polygon doesn't have shadows, and the other next to it does :/


it's probably the normal/smoothing group

just select all polygons and go to smoothing groups and add all polygons to one group. However it doesn't matter because you still will be smoothing it with a turbo smooth modyfier or something else.


Oh yeah, I will see that it shall be as you say.


Comicsserg or anyone in here that has experience.

Could you state some of the personal reasons what differences and why are they are pretty major in the industry that 3ds and Maya has over each other?

Just state something like 2 reasons why Maya is good and bad.

And same for  3ds? Cause I am really thinking which is better and why. But I need some personal stuff just to see. Thanks.


They both provide the same functionality, Maya does offer a more streamlined animation tool set but if you follow the industry via magazines like 3D World you'll notice that among the top people in the field it's a pretty even split on who uses what. Most people at that level are fairly proficient in both. It seems to be a personal preference in UI style and also availability for plugins geared towards your particular task that determines which to use. A lot of people feel that Maya has a very streamlined and easy to use UI and find Max's UI to be cluttered and confusing. I personally love the Max Roll-out system and detest Maya's Hotbar. You will also find a lot of people in favor of Maya simply because Max wasn't as accessible for many years while Maya provided the Personal Learning Edition making it very easy for people to pick it up and start learning giving it a significant boost in popularity. Good PR for the win I guess!


Hmmm, well I kind of really like Max because of:

A) It's equivalent to Maya in most Companies, AKA for me that's Blizzard.

B) Cause movies like Shrek were created on it.

C) Cause I feel hardcore when my friends say "Wtf" is this thing, and I am like, yeah that's the shizz that makes this shizz go wild!


the films/games made with maya:
Almost all PIXAR films, Pirates Of the Carribean, Mortal Kombat 9, Tomb Raider, EA sports, Halo, Prince of Persia, God of War, Spider man 3, Killzone, Final Fantasy, Avatar etc

btw Shrek made with maya too

PS: There is no good or bad, maya and max are both great products and film/game companies usually use both of them, however everyone who made animation (for professional products) uses maya for animation because of the control it gives you