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Started by LennardF1989, June 12, 2011, 05:40:44 PM

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I dedicate this image to Farley, for it being his old avatar if I remember correctly.

Took me some time to create, but it was fun to do. I will probably make a second one in the future to see if I can get an even better shape and less gaps.

If you want to give it yourself a go, get these two images:

Be sure to print on thicker than normal paper. Cut out the parts with a knife, as you can be a lot more precise with it, use the back of the knife to carve in the lines on which you're going to fold the paper. Use a dry and easily removable glue - like photo-glue or Pritt - for if you make mistakes. Last but not least, have fun doing it.

For more angles on my version, check:


PS: ...the 5th of November.


Woah nice job dude.  Pretty cool.

I appreciate the dedication but i think it was someone else who had that avatar.  I'll still take the dedication on account of me just being awesome at all times.


Maybe it was Vega then, either way I had fun creating it. ;D


V for Vendetta was a great movie!  This reminds me of it.


In Germany this is what you call a "hater mask"  ;)
If there are any orthographic/grammatical errors in this post, you can keep them and, if you want, hang them over your bed ;)

"As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one."
- Mike Godwin