Heartcore Games BV opens game development studio in Hilversum

Started by frvge, July 13, 2013, 07:10:55 PM

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July 13th 2013

Heartcore Games BV was established on June 13th by Mr Frank van Gemeren and is situated in  the Dutch media capital Hilversum. The focus area of Heartcore Games BV is hardcore PC gamers in niche genres.

Heartcore Games BV was set-up as a way to professionalize a seven year old game development project called "Project Stealth". Van Gemeren has led a team of volunteers across the globe from the game's early concepts to its current pre-alpha state. Formalizing the business structure is the  stepping stone to getting funding for further development, and subsequent release in digital stores, of its first game.

All initial collaborators of Heartcore Games BV have experience in the game and movie industry.

About Heartcore Games BV:
Founded in 2013, Heartcore Games is a Dutch games studio and focuses on hardcore PC gamers in niche markets.
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