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Started by frvge, March 21, 2014, 01:03:03 AM

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Hi all,

Now that Epic Games has released their excellent Unreal Engine 4 for a cheap price, the power to create new maps for Project Stealth is in your hands. With great power comes great responsibility, so here is a list of the topics we want to see:

- Work-in-progress topic of your map. Maximum 2 topics per map (one for the actual content and one with the discussion).
- Finished topic of your map. This will also have the main discussion about your finished map.
- Requests for help with Project Stealth-specific elements (currently not yet applicable)

What we do NOT want to see here is:
- General requests for help with the Editor or any of its subcomponents (Matinee, Blueprints, Material Editor etc). Please use a generic Unreal Engine 4 forum for that.
- Asking for help with your map when you do not have anything to show yet. You need to be able to show either code or (at least) BSP. Just having an idea and asking for others to make it is NOT enough.
- Maps that are clear 1-to-1 ports using the original assets (so using mostly models that you didn't create yourself) and so on. In other words, you need to show some of your own creativity.

Our developers are busy and will not be able to offer help, but they might pop by every once in a while. Of course I will try to answer your questions if I'm able to.

We are looking forward to seeing your creations!

Thank you for reading,

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