Editor set-up: Maya and prop dimensions

Started by frvge, March 21, 2014, 01:10:51 AM

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This thread contains information about mapping Maya Scenes to Unreal Units (UUs) and the sizes of common gameplay elements in Unreal Units. Without following these rules, the levels will be either too big or small and gameplay code might not work as expected.

Matching Maya Scene settings to Unreal Units:
First go to Window -> Settings/Preferances -> Preferance and then Settings on the left of the box that popped up. In Settings and under Working Units and next to where it says Linear there should be a drop-down box. Make sure this box is set to Centimeters. Save the changes

Next go to Display -> Grid Options and set up the grid to be displayed as follows;

Length and Width: 1024
Grid lines Every: 128
Subdivisions: 8

Save changes.

Now you might need to change the camera options. In a viewport, select View -> Select Camera and then press ctrl + A to bring up the camera's properties. Here you will need to change the Far Clip Plane to some really big number just to be safe, for example 10000000.00.

Prop Dimensions:
The following dimensions are in Unreal Units.

1. Vent Size: 128x128
2. Grab Ledge height: Kkeep the minimum height of things to be climbed on to 64 (for a 'step up') and the maximum to 312.
3. Door Height/width: Single door - 128x256. Double Door - 256x256.
4. Split Jump Width: 192
5. Run up wall jump height of vent: 384.
6. COOP Height: 512
7. Rail pull height: 96 (From the ledge the spy hangs from, to the top of the heighest railing point.)
8. Pole radius/width: 16
9. Zip Line radius: 4
10. Stairs - Steep stairs have steps that are 16x16 and Standard stairs, which should be used more often have steps that are 32x16.
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