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Started by Roberto1223, May 27, 2014, 01:49:30 AM

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Hey guys I recently re-installed an old game called Medal of Honor Allied Assault to play it online (still has a large community wow!), and I noticed that one of the things I miss the most from old-school multiplayer games is the ability to send out messages through the character.

I think it would be nice if the game incorporated a quick-message system in which the number pad of a keyboard can be used to send out important messages such as "enemy spotted in main lobby". Ideally people should use microphones but realistically not everybody will have them, so implementing this may help a lot.

Also, in the Counter Strike Global Offensive HUD we have the name of each room or part of a map appear in the upper left corner of the screen. This is an excellent idea which if implemented in PS will help everybody learn the room names more easily for more efficient communication.

If every map is systematically designed then every map should consist pretty much of the same basic parts and simply be different in terms of its theme (more or less). This is very evident in CSGO and it helps in tactical communication.

For example every map pretty much has a so-called "cat-walk" or a "ramp" or a "tunnel" so if PS maps are designed in conjunction with this quick-communication system the game will feel even more tactical than SC could ever be


It's an idea we've tought about before. It's farily straightforward to implement, but it will also need translation and so on and if we want to support community-made maps down the line, it's not feasible.

I think if you can bring this idea up when we start alpha-testing, it might get included :)
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Well, you know where to look for translators (here in the community)!