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Some players posses inhuman sniping skill, which amounts to "being seen = death".

And I am still convinced that even under normal circumstances the merc team is stronger when there is a game with 4 players who are about the same level.
Spies usually become strong when:

1. The server is generally laagy, even more so if the current host plays as spy
2. When the skills are not balanced. The mercs have less room for mistake, so if one of them is not as good as the other, the spies can focus on the weaker one. If you turn that over and have an imbalanced spy team, then the better spy can still choose where he goes, he has the initiative, which makes it less of an impact for the spy team to be unbalanced.
General / Off-Topic / Re: Weed!
July 02, 2014, 01:01:57 PM
Quote from: MalcolmYadon on July 02, 2014, 08:33:04 AM
Quote from: Farley4Fan on January 04, 2011, 12:27:24 AM
Dread, people who get addicted to marijuana are weak minded and foolish.  If you aren't, then you have nothing to worry about if you try it.  I'm not recommending it, but smoking weed isn't the worst thing you can do for your body.  Some of the stuff sold on store shelves are worse - like a simple bag of potato chips or cigarettes.  I'd say that video games are only slightly less harmful to your body and are much more addictive.  One thing about weed though, you shouldn't smoke it if you are lazy/don't exercise, because it will only make your problem worse. 

As for it being a gateway drug, that may be true.  Once that wall keeping you from trying weed comes down, the other walls may be a bit more fragile, but I personally have never had the urge to try harder drugs.  Ever.
I do agree with you..We must not get addicted to weed..You can say it is the most useless activity and we must avoid it..

OH DAMN! Watch out guys! A mighty necromancer appeard!
Quote from: VenomousNinja on June 30, 2014, 11:30:36 AM
Why do you NEED donations, anyway? Why do you NEED a kickstarter? It'd be easier to start out with something playable, and then get funding for the rest, instead of focusing so much on the money aspect when it's been seven years in development hell and there's never been a playable version made public ever.

It's a devil's circle... they cannot make a playable version because they need money for that and at the same time, they cannot make money because there is no playable version... Is the only way really to find some rich investor who gives a lot of funding?

Ok, should I become somewhat rich in the next 10-15 years, I will be funding PS by myself  ;D (well... I doubt I alone would just give 90.000€ away like that, even if I had the money, but hey maybe 10.000€ or something!)

But honestly, frvge: How would the situation be now, if you decided to stay with UDK instead of upgrading to UE4? As I understand it, most of the 7 sever years of development were basically porting from mod, to mod, to udk indie, to ue4 indie. How much gameplay progress do you think you would have had by now?
I still suggest somehow making a donation on free basis possible. That way people can donate on their own pace, ideally if it includes methods other than credit cards. But direct bank transaction can cause shrinkage, due to international transaction costs, so something like pay-pal (doesn't have to be pay-pal itself, just something similar) would be the best bet.
Quote from: frvge on June 28, 2014, 03:53:10 PM
Tha maps are only partially our bottleneck. Gameplay currently is, but we've had a lot of progress. Now we need to keep that up.

And that PS is stalled indefinitely.

I am a bit confused here... doesn't "indefinitly stalled" mean you don't do anything at all anymore? But how can you "keep it up" then?
Wasn't there supposed to be another interview? Is it up yet?
You should repost the same thing on facebook. Even though you have a kickstarter running, the FB account was asleep for like 2 days... that is like suicide in such a short 30-day campaign!
You overestimate the willigness of people to pay for something. That about 10% of the known community are actually willing to donate something, is actually quite a lot. The problem is simply that I don't have a credit card and I want to be careful not to accidently tap into any cost traps from using a prepaid-online-credit-card. I am sure there are a lot of people who got a similar problem and may or may not pay much later or at the last second. I actually forgot that tomorrow is "Ascension of Christ", which means I actually got 1 more free day than I expected to have, so I guess I am lucky enough to deal with this by tomorrow. My point about PS, or rather PS's kickstarter not being well-known enough still stands though. Going by the donations so far I am a bit worried about the size of the community that the size of the donating community and the amount these numbers must reach...

I am glad to see that frvge is calling out to the community to spread the word around. I am still wondering about where that "external PR firm" is right now... because as of yet I saw NOTHING of these people (unless they are the guys who control the facebook account).
Quote from: Roberto1223 on May 27, 2014, 11:42:15 PM
I see that there is a very poor understanding of how Kickstarter works.

We must emphasize to the people that their money is not taken until the kickstarter ends only if the goal is met.

Neosuperior, you must back PS NOW. Why? Because the more backers there are, the more promising the project looks.

Yes, the progress is slow, and the probability is low, but you have nothing to lose! And, if newcomers get the sense that this will not succeed then they will not bother to back PS.

They must understand that their money will not be taken in the worst case scenario in order to motivate them to donate.

As long as no one knowns about this project, that is irrelevant. That issue must be solved first...
I agree. I think if PS would be known enough, we would get the funding done, even though the opions are split in black & white (i.e. some totally dislike this idea while others praise it to the highest heights) over this project. But that is exactly the problem. We must reach the "everyday gamer" somehow to find those seeking a hardcore game like PS. The good thing is that PS is not a no-brainer, but it does not hurt the project if the kiddies don't support the project, because they don't own a credit card (though I cannot exclude the possibility that some kids can make their parents support a project, like they make them pay for their WoW account for example). However the kiddies are those who usually spread the word very fast around the globe, so not having that is quite a problem to get well-known or even popular.

I just feel like suddenly when the project started, the dev team is either throwing out footage to show, but neglecting to actually get an audience for that footage. Wasn't there an "external PR firm"? Did they start working yet? Because to be honest I don't see any greater effects yet. Granted, I didn't donate yet either, but I will still have enough time to do that after my early exams. The point is that PS will never reach its funding goal if most people don't even know of the existence of Project Stealth. And even from the people who know Project Stealth... they may not know that the kickstarter started!
Quote from: Roberto1223 on May 27, 2014, 09:29:26 AM
I contacted Joanne Tech Lover, she said she may mention it in her next Vlog.

She said the game looks good, but that it might be hard for her to talk about something she hasn't tested out.

She told me to let her know when there is a some kind gameplay test so that she can try it out (she usually streams her gaming via Twitch TV so it should be a good idea to let her have beta access or whatever.)

Well... according to the kickstarter page the Beta would in September... IF the funding succeeds that is...
Why so quiet? Guys! Show something! Say something! I know you guys have to do lots of things but still, it would be nice if the dev team showed something. 10% of the funding time is over, but we don't even have 2% of the funding goal yet! I want to see...... something!

Come on guys. Please just tell me that the PR-gears were a bit blocked because of temporal RL-issues which were resolved a few moments ago and that shit is about to hit the fan!

I agree with Roberto here. You have to show more presence, you must not look like people who just want to stay in the background and create the game, but you should instead EMBRACE the "COMMUNITY-DRIVEN" aspect here!
I once again want to remind you that the news section in IndieDB is outdated. The Steam Greenlight section even more so. I think updated those would be a way to increase the number of potential fund-givers.
We crossed the first 1000€! YAY! 89000€ to go...
wow, 2 people already pledged 150€ or more. But we still didn't even cross 1000€! frvge, what is going on? Why cannot I hear anything from you guys? I really hope you are holding special Team meetings to discuss the next PR steps, because right now it is going too slow and that was merely the fans who wanted to donate from the beginning. Soon the people will come that didn't have a creditcard by using mywirecard or something similar (this includes me), but right now we need a boost! Please tell me you got an undoubtable master plan for this!

BTW, is it impossible to get both Beta access as well as a mention in the credits? I am probably going for exhaustive hacker as a minimum, but that does not include "leave a trace behind" according to the description.

EDIT: Ok, just saw the article (interview) at gamingbuddha, that's what I am talking about! With this maybe we have a chance!