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Public Discussion / Kickstarter/Indiegogo/etc.
« on: April 24, 2013, 06:57:09 PM »
Has it popped into anyone's head that PS probably wouldn't have done too bad on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other like crowd funding sites, if they were a thing back when this first began?

The thought just came to me and almost made me a little sad. :P

General / Off-Topic / TimeSplitters Rewind: The TimeSplitters remake
« on: March 14, 2013, 05:27:59 PM »
I saw this article online and it struck me as interesting:

TimeSplitters Rewind Interview

I played a lot of TimeSplitters 2 when it came out, and I still find it one of the funnest (funniest?) games I've played in terms of overall content. Whether it was sneaking through the dam level (in a FPS, that seemed unique), throwing bricks through windows for challenges or playing as a monkey, I always seemed to be on the verge of laugh-tears. It seems like it would be a great game to help make.

I'm sad that the Campaigns are sitting out, but it's nice to hear that it's not totally off the table. Also with challenges... I'll probably be able to keep myself busy for a while.

(Why is December so far away?)

General / Off-Topic / So what's everyone up to?
« on: July 21, 2012, 06:20:26 AM »
It has gotten pretty quiet in here. Not sure if it's Dread being gone or the (understandable) lack of news, but it's pretty apparent that there isn't much to talk about. So... here's a thread to talk about whatever is going on with you at the moment.


It seems like I've been gone a while on here, but I just haven't had anything worthwhile to say, so I've kept my fingers off the reply button (some would probably prefer that. I get a little long winded). There has been a bit going on somewhat recently with me. I got a new job, a new place to live and everything that comes along with that! Granted at this point I've had those for about 3 months, but none of YOU knew that!

The job is pretty boring. I'm answering phones for Comcast. Not sure if there are people that don't know what Comcast is, but just in case, it's a phone/tv/internet/home security provider. I'm troubleshooting internet and phone. I find it almost funny that I had like 8 weeks of training and most of my calls boil down to unplugging and plugging something back in... well that and resetting passwords. I don't know what will happen to this job if customers figure out these technical secrets!

My new place is pretty cool, at least to me. This happens to be my first place that isn't at my parents. Still trying to get my head over actually buying food. I look in the cabinets still with only the slightest understanding at how all these random things can combine to make a dish that's worth eating. It's lucky I moved in with my Girlfriend who knows how to cool, else I'd be on a strict diet of things that's number of directions I could count on one hand (I've messed up a Cup Noodle, just to put this in perspective).

I finally got my computer up and running! Getting it all together only to figure out that a stick of RAM was bad kinda sucked. Got it RMA'd and now it's rockin' it's little heart out. Got this all set up so I could get back into trying to teach myself 3D animation or 3D modelling, but it seems like most of my time is taken over by TF2 or random other games. My discipline needs some work. I thought if I left a book on my desk in front of my monitor then I'd be more apt to apply myself, but it's funny how tunnel-y my vision will go when I find something more interesting than "Education". Even this right here is my clever way of rationalizing a reason not to start up Maya and get to work.

AAAANYWAY. I'm gonna stop here, mainly because admitting that I'm procrastinating something I actually want to do sounds even more ridiculous when reading it to myself, but anyone who is still looking at this place should post what they are up to!

Add me on Steam or Xfire also. If you see me playing games then shout out for me to do something more worthwhile (unless, of course, you want to play that game also ;))

General / Off-Topic / Building a Computer, Recommendations?
« on: April 30, 2012, 10:31:06 PM »
Okay Think-tank, show me what you know...

I shorted out my Motherboard recently. Instead of just buying the same 4-5 year old motherboard so that I can use the same parts I thought I might just look in to getting some new stush. Research has left me clueless though. I have no clue what the difference is between Intel's series of numbers and AMD's use of Multipliers. I can't wrap my head around what a Sandy/Ivy bridge is either, and if it's important.

I'm trying to not spend more than about 500 dollars on this initial rebuild, which seems plausible with what I have already. Less would be better if the performance/price is good enough. I do plan on re-using most of components listed below, but I will also upgrade them eventually and do not want what I buy now to hamper my possibility to upgrade in the future.

Re-useable Components:
-500w PSU
-nvidia 8800GTX
-1920x1080 Monitor (Also a 1440x900 monitor)
-Mouse/keyboard (USB)
-Mid-sized case (could use a new one regardless. Air Flow sucks and Front panel USBs broken)
-1TB SATA2 WD Hard Drive
-DVD R/W drive
-2x2GB DDR2 sticks of RAM (I believe 1033mhz)
-Windows Professional x64

I also don't mean to say that none of the things above couldn't be upgraded if they fell within the price point, but that that's what I have. I want to buy, right now, the bare bones of what I need to get myself a computer to play on again. I know that I can't just go with the cheapest stuff and not expect complications in the future. I wouldn't mind getting a good Motherboard and a cheapy processor if it made sense to wait for prices to go down though.

What would you guys recommend? What you you also recommend I wait to upgrade till later?

Public Discussion / Just noticed this...
« on: April 24, 2012, 11:30:09 PM »
Here is the symbol for whatever group in PS:

Here is borderlands main symbol:

Anyone notice a similarity? :P
(Not sure if this has been mentioned before)

Public Discussion / How much would you pay for PS?
« on: April 16, 2012, 10:40:51 PM »
Alright people here is the big question...

How much would you realistically pay for Project Stealth?

I'm putting emphasis on realistically, as I know everyone wants to give the PS team a million billion dollars for their ongoing creation, but who really has that? I also know at least a few people have said that they would pay 60+ dollars for it, but how well do you think PS would sell if it initially had that price? So think harder than that hypothetical "I would give them the world just to play" mentality and ask yourself how much you would actually pay for PS.

Related side question, what do you think a fair price tag would be for PS?

Public Discussion / Merc Jumping. Yes? No?
« on: December 21, 2011, 11:01:50 PM »
I remember it got mentioned a while back (I'll link if I can find it) that the Merc in PS might not have the ability to jump. Perhaps to be replaced with context sensitive actions (hopping rails, climbing boxes, etc). What do you guys think of Jumping as a whole? Do you think it's actually NEEDED for the Merc gameplay? While it has been talked about before, it seems like it could be talked about again.

Personally I think that Jumping is not needed if there is a smart enough context sensitive mechanic implemented. It seems like it would also help with cutting down on peoples ability to exploit certain areas in levels that were not meant to be used (rail camping, as an example). Also cutting down on certain unexpected 'bugs' (like not being able to grab a Merc if he's hopping in CT).

It's not 100% good though as I also believe it cuts down on the freedom of gameplay. Especially when transitioning from Merc to Spy and then back again. Both sides, while different in actual control, have similar controls (in CT). Jumping, turning, crouching, walking, actions, shooting, etc. It's all is mapped to basically the same buttons. So not being able to jump as one character, but can for another may cause, very minor, confusion, or a feeling of restriction that some may not like.

Then again... It also would differentiate the two teams even more. Which I like.

Public Discussion / Browser games getting a level up? (PS related?)
« on: October 07, 2011, 10:50:58 PM »
A news article on The Escapist had some potentially interesting news:

Unreal Engine 3, the game engine that powers Bulletstorm, Gears of War 3 and BioShock Infinite, now works in Flash.

The amount of work needed to make your game work isn't mentioned, but it seemed interesting that (since I assume PS is running on U3 engine) PS may be able to run in a browser. How much more fun would I be having right now at work if I could be playing PS?? (and how quick would I be fired?)

Just thought I'd bring this up as I saw it as interesting.

(TF2 might be a possibility too)

Public Discussion / New Sticky Cam (OCP instead of Gas)
« on: August 16, 2011, 09:40:41 PM »
This idea popped into my head a few minutes ago, and I know Sticky Cams AND OCP have been talked to death, but I'm not sure if this has been talked about.


You could take a sticky cam that INSTEAD of having gas, had an OCP like disabler deal with it. You could shoot it on a wall, ceiling, floor, etc. and then point it at something and activate the OCP effect on whatever you're pointing it at. Since it's of the OCP variety, it wouldn't give a security message for knocking out said laser/mine/camera/etc, but it would require you to keep a camera focused on it. Put in the right position, a spy could use this camera to sneak into an area without alerting the Mercs, but that would take knowledge of the map and good sticky cam placement.

On top of this functionality I could imagine that the spy could use it against a Merc like a laser mine, but for spies. What you would do is set up a sticky cam on whatever surface you wish. Lets say for example sake you set it on a wall in a hallway. You would then point the camera at the opposite wall and activate the OCP effect. Now when a Merc runs through this "Laser" he would get a quick drop out of his HUD/Vision. Much in the same vein as getting a headshot with a SS, but only lasts while the Merc stands in the laser. Instantly coming back when they leave the lasers line.

As with the normal sticky cam, the camera is the only thing that is visible in EMF. If the laser showed up in EMF then the cam would be FAR too easy to find and thus have little practical use. Spies with clever placement of this cam would be rewarded by being able to shut down Vision whoring at a pivotal spot and/or other effects that a Hud-less Merc has to deal with.

Some variations that sound cool, but I'm not sure would work is:

-Instead of a "Laser" you could activate a radius style OCP. Knocking out stuff within a certain distance. Laser being used for specific things. (So you could use both, but only one at a time)
-Perhaps if you point it at a hackable door's panel and then hack the door, it will keep the door open instead of closing after a certain amount of time. (Having the cam hack the door itself seems like too much)

I'm not sure what this does for gameplay, but it seemed like a fine idea in my head. I'd be interested in seeing what other people thought of it.

-Disables Static Defenses/Merc placed defenses without alerting the Merc (Good placement, or quick cam versions of this means that you could enter and area with a Merc never being alerted, even through multiple defenses)
-Can shut down Mines/Spy traps without giving the Merc the ability to place another
-Can disrupt a Merc's vision
-Can recon an area (same as the Normal Sticky Cam)

Variation Pros:
-[radius variation]Can disable securities/Merc visions within a certain radius without alerting the Merc (This would be evil in a dark room for a Merc if there were multiple cams. Since EMF/Torchlight wouldn't be useable)
-[door hack variation]Can keep a hackable door open for the life of the cam

-Can be seen in EMF (Cam, not OCP laser/radius)
-Does not have an "Aggressive" use (Gas being aggressive)
-Slower than just using Chaff/SS
-Bad placement can limit use
-Limited supply

Variations Cons:
-[radius variation] Radius is smaller than chaff

Debate-able ability:

-Can be picked back up if within reach
-More than one can be active at a time

Public Discussion / Post Good Threads Here!
« on: August 03, 2011, 10:04:57 PM »
The title says it all. Post some threads that you think have a good ideas in them, but have been lost within the void of newer threads. I just thought it'd be nice to get a list of topics that had either well thought out ideas, or a good discussion that would be worth looking over. Also so that people wont bring back up ideas that have already had a discussion in the past. (Plus I'm lazy and don't want to go through 41 pages of threads myself)

Things like:

-New Spy: Leopard (WIP)
-Gadget Design Theory
-Tips on making a map (Gamasutra links on CT Level Design: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)

I'm saying this with the assumption that it's supposed to keep to the Public Discussion topics, so nothing from the General/Off-Topic section or the Presentation Section (Unless of course you find a topic there that fits well here). Also I understand that "Good" is very subjective, but all I have to say is use your best judgement if you're going to participate.

Public Discussion / Computer/Tech Help Section?
« on: June 15, 2011, 10:33:22 AM »
This came up a few times in the questionnaire that I gave some people...

What does everyone think of having a Computer/Tech Help section added to the forum? We seem to have at least a few people that know their way around computer problems and occasionally a computer related problem pops up in the General/Off Topic section. Might not be much reason as of yet to have one, but whenever the PS beta comes out there might be more of a use to it (what with inevitable bugs and compatibility issues).

What do you guys say? Put some words in a reply and submit!!! (also vote)

General / Off-Topic / Preview build of the new Deus Ex was leaked.
« on: June 02, 2011, 01:12:36 PM »
...Surprised at how little it's been talked about.

Said to have around 4-5 hours worth of content to mull through. Not a lot of stuff "finished", but definitely playable.


To clarify, by "Not a lot of stuff 'finished'", I mean that things such as:

-Full DX11 support
-Tutorials play as if you have a GamePad inserted
-Crashes & Bugs
-Etc Etc.

Otherwise, the build was completely playable. Story, Cinematics, Combat, Leveling, Weapons, Enemies, AI, Controls, Environments, etc etc. were all there. A very much playable demo if you will, albeit a VERY large demo.

Public Discussion / All Big Media-Releases [Read Me]
« on: June 01, 2011, 11:58:30 PM »
Mirror location:
Steam Greenlight Page
IndieDB Image Section
IndieDB Video Section

Newest ones first...
Discussion Thread

Introducing Asylum
Video - Introducing Asylum

Early Gameplay Video
Video - Early Gameplay Video

Menues and Footsteps
Video - Menu/Footsteps [Right Click > Save As...] (Downloading is a must-do until it's uploaded to indiedb)

When the opportunity arises...
Video - Humiliation/Spy Kill Move (download)
Picture - Humiliation Part 1
Picture - Humiliation Part 2
Picture - Humiliation Part 3
Picture - Humiliation Part 4
Discussion Thread

Release of... what?:
Music - Infiltration Zone (download) (Right Click > Save As...)
Discussion Thread

Teamwork Is Essential:
Video - Spy Co-op Move (download)
Discussion Thread

Visual Effects:
Video - Smoke Grenade
Video -  Chaff Grenade
Video - Frag Grenade
Video - Static Defense Lasers
Discussion Thread

Mapping: Setting Up Objectives:
Video - Setting Up Objectives
Discussion Thread

The Poll Reveal:
Picture - Spy Personalization
Discussion Thread

What Artists/Programmers are proud of:
Video - Tweaked Neck-break
Video - Merc FPS Animations
Picture - Beds #1
Picture - Beds #2
Picture - Asylum Entrance Concept
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Merc Reload, Spy Wallrun Video, and Asylum Screens:
Video - Merc Reload (download)
Video - Merc Empty Reload (download)
Video - Spy Wall-jump (download)
Picture - Asylum #1
Picture - Asylum #2
Picture - Asylum #3
Picture - Community Site Concept
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Spy and Merc HUD:
Picture - Merc HUD
Picture - Merc Camnet
Picture - Merc Sniping
Picture - Spy HUD
Picture - Spy HUD while Hacking
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Motion Tracking video, MT screenshot:
Video - Motion Tracking (download)
Picture - Motion Tracking
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: GamesCom interview, GamesCom Trailer, Updated Milestones:
Video - GamesCom Interview (download)
Video - GamesCom Trailer (download)
Milestones Thread
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Website launch, Camnet:
Weblink - Project Stealth Website
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Neck break, Ledge Climbing, Wallpaper:
Video - Neck Break (download)
Video - Ledge Climbing (download)
Picture - Wallpaper [1440x875]
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Chaffed, Smoked, Flashed visual effects:
Video - Chaffed Effect (download)
Video - Smoked Effect (download)
Video - Neck Break (download)
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Kismet Dev Commentary:
Video - Kismet (download)
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Music (3 Fingerprints) and Screens:
Music - 3 Fingerprints (.mp3)(.ogg) [Right-Click - Save As]
Picture - Screen #1
Picture - Screen #2
Picture - Screen #3
Picture - Screen #4
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Basic Movement Animations:
Video - Basic Movement (download)
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Camo Effect video:
Video - Camo Effect (download)
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Neutralization Objective, Music explanation, Animator announcement, UT3 Spy, MT vision image, Lakehouse Dev Commentary:
Video - Object Animation (download)
Video - Lakehouse Walkthrough (download)
Other - UT3 Spy Model [for use in UT3]
Picture - Objective #1
Picture - Objective #2
Picture - Objective #3
Picture - Objective #4
Picture - Objective #5
Picture - Objective #6
Picture - Objective #7
Picture - Objective #8
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Lakehouse Screens and Security Camera Render:
Picture - Lakehouse #1
Picture - Lakehouse #2
Picture - Lakehouse #3
Picture - Security Camera
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Lakehouse Teaser:
Video - Lakehouse Teaser (download)
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: EMF Video and some concept art:
Video - EMF Vision (download)
Picture - Motion Detector Concept
Picture - Security Camera Concept
Picture - Alpha Level
Discussion Thread

Things artists are proud of:
Picture - Lion Trophy
Picture - Fish Trophy
Picture - Gun Cabinet
Picture - Spy Sneak
Picture - HUD Concept
Picture - Lobby Concept
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Gadgets + Vision Modes:
Picture - Decoy
Picture - Frag Grenade
Picture - RF Tracker
Picture - A.R.M.
Picture - Proximity Sensor
Picture - Spy Grenades
Picture - EMF Vision
Picture - Thermal Vision #1
Picture - Thermal Vision #2
Picture - Motion Tracking Vision
Discussion Thread

Tick Tock: Spy and Merc renders + Lakehouse render:
Video - Spy 360 View
Video - Merc 360 View
Picture - Spy Render #1
Picture - Spy Render #2
Picture - Merc Render #1
Picture - Merc Render #2
Picture - Merc Render #3
Picture - Merc Render #4
Discussion Thread

Public Discussion / Cans, Bottles, and Rocks
« on: March 29, 2011, 04:01:15 AM »
I've tried typing this 3 times and it keeps turning into an essay.

Here comes the short version:

Think splinter cell. Rocks, bottles, cans, etc. that were used as distractions. Insert that into Project Stealth. You throw the item; Merc gets a ping on their sound detector deal when it impacts. Make the items randomly generated in the level for variety. Also make the items random on top of placement, as in:

-Rocks are indestructible, but they don't travel far. (So, reusable)

-Bottles break on impact. (Perhaps if thrown at a Merc they get a wet kind of deal on their hud. Like slightly blurry, not stunned though.)

-Cans bounce more (thus more pings)

::Note:: Secondary characteristics/abilities of each items are just thrown in there because I thought of them at the time.

So even though you found a can somewhere once when you played, it may not be there another time. Or it may be a rock, or a bottle. ...I think you guys get it.

Pretty much they're improvised Alarm snares. Perhaps this has already been discussed, but either way... Thoughts? Good, bad, righteously kickass?

General / Off-Topic / Dragon Age 2 Demo (Out Now)
« on: February 23, 2011, 02:37:26 AM »
So, it came out today.

There's the link for those who somehow don't know where to go to get it. Either you take that route or find a torrent of it (I prefer the torrent because it's quite the big file. Choppy internet connectivity can ruin a browser download).

Here are my thoughts about it, because I know you are all on the edge of your seat waiting for them.

(If you didn't see it already. Wall of text incoming)

If you'd seen any of the developer videos then you'd probably heard about how they wanted to make the game more fast paced. Origins had some delay on when you say "DO THIS SKILL" and the character actually doing it. They wanted to cut down on that time so it would be more, "Instant reaction" when you told them to do something. I was skeptical, as were others, that depending on their definition of "Instant" could make it more Hack n' Slash, rather than Tactical RPG. I was quite satisfied with the result though. There is indeed less wait time between you activating a skill and you executing a skill, but it's far from instant. There is still a activation time with skills.

Also on most of the trailers and whatnot the battles look REALLY fast paced (to me) and the main character looked like he was, for lack of a better description, cartoony-like jumping around the battlefield. Hopping HUGE distances instead of running to over to an enemy and fighting. Actually seeing it in action (I played as a rouge to test, as that was the class I was most worried about), I was much more pleased. While you do take leaps at enemies, it's usually only when you're in quite close proximity.

They did do some fun time savers though that take out lull of doing a skill like "Backstab". You simply poof right behind them in a cloud of smoke and do the skill. Instead of your character having to run all the way behind them and do it anyway... or attempt the skill from the front side (which equals fail).

Steam lining of skill was put in order, which is a nice touch. Instead of looking through a big list there are only like... 6 little skill trees to click points into. Each tree having somewhere between 4-8 skills to acquire. These include Sub-skills that simply enhance the skill you had before. Such as, Healing having a sub-skill of Greater Healing. Enough choice is given to feel like YOU are making the characters, but not enough to feel lost in a sea of skills icons and description text.

The graphics are quite nice too. I mainly noticed that people... look like people. Granted all they really show in the demo up close are "Main" characters and they don't let you customize your main guy (or gal), it still looks like a step up to me. I've been playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas, so that step is a lot further up when considering that fact.

Only things that kinda irked me where little things like:

-Pauses for loading were a little random for me. At certain points in battles where a conversation was about to start (sometimes after killing X amount of enemies), or after you made a conversation choice it would just stop the game and bring up a little "Loading..." deal. Broke the fluid-ness of the game, but again, maybe that's just my computer not being smart enough to pre-load stuff. They never lasted more than, say, 5 seconds at most though, so I'm not kicking and screaming about it.

-Path finding to loot bodies on the ground was a little bit off. I'd click on a body to loot and my guy would run over there... then stop right in front of it for a second... then slowly walk up to the body and loot. Sometimes it was spot on and there was no pause, but most of the time I'd run into that stopping bit.

Those seem like things that will be fixed in the final game, so I'm not too downed by them at all. Otherwise, it seems like it's going to be just as fun, if not better than Origins. If anyone else played it and had different opinions please do comment.

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