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Public Discussion / Skill cap of spies compared to mercs?
« on: September 15, 2014, 07:43:44 PM »
Hello. I've taken a liking to this versus multi even if people barely get on. I managed to gain a noticeable amount of skill and knowledge of the game by playing against evenly matched players and friends. So I think I may have enough experience to just start talking about what I think on the skill cap of spies and mercs.

Spies: Spies tend to be extremely harder to play for noobs compared to mercs. I remember when my friends and I were first practicing a few months ago and we couldn't win a single match as spies. Now it seems like, even when we are pretty much gaining skill at the same rate and still evenly matched, we managed to win a couple of rounds as spy. About 40% we win as spies now. I guess the nature of their mission is harder to grasp and master. Infiltrating hoping to not get spotted, and playing to their full potential involves a lot more practice with controls. You have to do some quite difficult maneuvers with your mate to take out a merc. But in the end, once it's all mastered, I think spies have as much of a chance of winning as mercs, as shown by the pros.

Mercs: Mercs seem way easier to play for noobs. MT, seeing things with high res EMF, guns, nades, the nature of their mission, which is to guard and plant mines. It is easier, but in the end, like I said earlier, I think they have as much of a chance to come out on top as spies at high skill levels. They may have things like camnet which is very powerful on certain maps, but the spies can be gone by the time you get there and they can still run away once they get into the area so it's not really something to have nightmares about.

^That's just what I think. Feel free to correct my feelings if you feel I'm wrong.

General / Off-Topic / Please help me deal with EAX users :(
« on: July 17, 2014, 07:42:07 PM »
I am really tired of playing on maps like Museum where even if I go as slow as possible in a vent some EAX user can hear me from halfway across the map and go to Exhi and wait for me to come out.

I can't use EAX myself because of my OS...etc.

It just seems kind of unfair.

How do I combat this?

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