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Map: Vessel
« on: March 11, 2007, 11:49:57 PM »
Not sure how well wave effects could be worked, but if anyone has played cold fear a slight wobble of the point of view with some sequenced waves does wonders.

I'm still pondering a best way to make the map but the map will be the whole boat in a slight storm (giving the spies an outside advantage). Night-time with some nice lightning effects and a few blowy about statics.

the spies will start upon the rear of the ship which will be inaccessible because of an unfortunately arbitrary wall

above the front of the boat a large swinging crate hacking it/using it wont be an objective but wil cause it to fall down and smash a cargo door opening that up, the only other way in is an exposed door near the front of the vessel (maybe merc spawn) just out of the rain.

Another entry point would be the chimney stack of the boat, climbing this requires a co-op move, the chimney stack is a trap of a sort during any period of a 10 second vent walk if a merc flushes the vent with steam the spy is killed (maybe even both spies) after that they are at one of 2 separate places in the boat.

One thing i really want is a spy objectives which is the ship captain (say its a high tech warfare ship that requires only one pilot wired up into a chair, but i want the "hack" to be a neck snap. Quick but easy enough to defend, or alternatively there is a hack to the life support systems which will cause him to go into cardiac arrest.

Other objectives? i like the idea of a staged assault level 1 2 and 3, but instead of the linear attack have a killer objective that can only be completed once other parts of the mission are fulfilled.

Hacking this wont be an instant win, it will cause the launch of a missile at the vessel from a spy friendly boat, for the last 30 seconds of the (1:30 long) missile attack the anti missile defences must remain hacked, forcing spies to either aggro suppress a number of objectives.

Either both main power and backup must be down (further apart more exposed for spies) or 1 electronic countermeasures hub easier to guard cos its just 1 objective.

When the missile strikes the mercs are essentially dead, but if the spies were down to their last lives the mercs could snatch a victory by killing them. The water level will rise, i believe drowning was handled well in Aquarius having water over your head for 10 secs would be fatal. So, the spies run to the high ground, once the water reaches above the merc spawn the game ends mission completed and a helicopter arrives, the heli shows up soon after the missile strikes above the main craft and is armed with a turret against mercs (stopping anyone trying to kill the rightly victorious spies who are safe on the deck.) it will wobble about a bit as if buffeted by wind might be able to use a generic ut3 helicopter.

The only thing i need to avoid is too many narrow corridors.

The engine room will be an objective which will totally spike the EMP vision rending it useless, I'd also live all non spies moving objects (maybe not doors) to show passively on motion tracking. just like a very slowly moving spy might, but i know that's not for a map designer to worry about.

I'll get to ms painting something later.

I'd like to mention the missile can be relaunched if the anti missile shoots it down, and I'd love to actually have a chain gun thingy turret on the deck that when it successful stops a missile actually spins to target something invisible in the sky and shoots a flak like chain cannon with a deafening roar causing an explosion in the sky.

Ooh, also i either want the mission to start at sunset, or even more awesomely once the boat is sank the sun rises and gives off funky bloom and orange sky.
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