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Savage 2
« on: January 29, 2008, 01:04:55 AM »
i know this reaaalllly isn't the place to discuss such things, however i know that you do not all check sclamers (hah, don't blame you ^_^ ), but this game deserves to be spread as much as possible (they didn't bother with advertisements, probably expecting people like me to spread it through word of mouth). Therefore, i present to ye, savage 2, sequel to the delicously good multiplayer rts/fps/3ps/rpg hybrid savage:battle for newerth.

My nickname is BionicBlob if you wish to add me to yer buddies in-game

the demo is the full-game, with a few restrictions, with a 5-hour limit.

I strongly encourage you to try it, you've most likely never played a game like it before (unless you tried savage), 'tis similar to Natural Selection, but set in fantasy, much more open/epic with melee/magic and rpg elements.