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real time hacking in versus


so the new solo for double agent has an interesting little device used to for hacking ip's of security devices .

why not incorporate a user-dependant hacking gadget into versus , so its not just *sit and wait for animation to stop* hacks like in ct's versus ? i think it would definitely increase appeal among hardcore players , but then again it would deter some newb's who either dont want to hack or dont know how .
all in all , i think it will add more than subtract from the experience , since when you play a game , you are expected to show up for it .

neat idea, I wouldn't mind it.

i say put this in the general discussion forum though since that's where all of us have been putting ideas.  I think you'll get more answers in there anyways.

If you're talking about a hacking minigame, then I have my doubts. There's already a hacking minigame: Making sure you're not getting a nade on top of you or being sniped while doing it.

It's a fun idea to try out though. Let's clone the game and try to implement something like that.

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