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1: Don't be an ass. We don't want to scare away new folks.
2: The administrators can overrule anything and everything, but chances of us doing that are extremely small.
3: Too much Off-Topic-ness in any topic can get moved/deleted/edited/painted purple/eaten by a giant worm. Clarification: don't hijack threads. Make a new one if your post does not fit the current thread.
4: Bacon vs Egg topics are allowed, but don't overdo it.
5: Games are allowed, but don't overdo it.
6: PS related stuff goes in the other forums.
7: No posting of illegal stuff under Dutch law.

edited at 2009/03/19 to remove former rule 2: banning is done via ban-polls.

Is anything illegal under dutch law? ;D


Good question. Answer: yes. Just don't post nude underage girls/boys or racism-stuff and you'll be fine. This forum is neither left-wing nor right-wing. I don't care. Moderating depends on my mood.

so nude girls are ok but just as long as they arennt under age???

Well, posting nude just for posting nude isn't really... well... normal on forums. Basically: if you have a good reason (and the administrators decide that, not you) you can post it, while making clear it's NSFW/18+. We do want to be a bit female-friendly, so things can be removed at any time.


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