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First merc concept finished....Primary concern was lighting and shading.  The armor detailing needs so be modelled a bit different to make it more realistic.  The great thing about concept art is that you work these problems out in the beginning.

But other then that i like that atmosphere.

btw:  the gun concept was straight out of my head...i dont expect to use it and would base it more heavily on real life designs

only thing missing for him is  a background.

We need a sexy background where you can see spies about to get the drop on him.

Also, i would like to work out a logo for him....needs to be fitting for military.  I love Argus and Upsilon (both greek referances) it would be cool to see something like that.

Feel free to give me some ideas, if you guys are graphic designers all the better.

It seems like non-members cant see the attachments.

Lambda is used by HL2 of course... We can do Epsilon instead of Upsilon :P
I persoanlly suggest a phi or psi because of their good logo-ness. Psi could be -> psy. Or s[pi]s :D

Indeed, you have to be a member to see the attachments. Is that a problem? If we've got enough concept art, I'll make a special page for stuff like this.

Greek letters are so 90s. ;D Let's go Phoenician!



Or how about runes?

Phi and Psy are cool but they are a bit too short word-wise imo.

great macbryce!  keep them coming guys...also i re-hosted the image....people should be able to see it now


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