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I just tried Google's new browser... And.. It's awesome!

It runs each tab as a seperate process, which causes the browser to keep running, if a single tab crashes.

Also. You can drag the tabs out of the browser, which will make the tab as a new browser window, which can also contain tabs. And you can move the tabs back/forth from browser to browser.

And I just found out that it has a built-in spelling checker xD. In my native language :D

It also does not need to restart after installing Flash player, etc. xD

Chrome is open source.

EDIT: Oh ya... And it starts instantly.

You can get the BETA at

Gui Brazil:
The only thing that actually looks cool on it is the sites icons on the start-up page. Nevertheless, I'm sticking with firefox.

Succubus Dryad Of The Undying Comet:
Works VERY fast, actually.
I'll be using it for graphics and stuff, because of the HUGE page space it shows.
Anyway, I'll stick to firefox for anything else :)

can it do anything better than opera (besides not being boycotted by some page admins)?

Gui Brazil:

--- Quote from: Liqu1D_133 on September 03, 2008, 06:06:41 PM ---because of the HUGE page space it shows.

--- End quote ---

I have the same working space on both firefox and chrome...maybe my firefox is special or I just customized it but let's stay with the "special" thinking.


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