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No one has caught on so it seems but to me this looks like concept art for perhaps some levels to come xD

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i like how you keep geometry simple and play around with the lightning. athmosphere is all about lightning :D
i got a wacom laying around and kinda am in the mood to fool around a little bit again.
which programm would you suggest for landscape/architecture speedpainting and maybe some manga?
so far i've only painted with corel painter. still gotta get used to not seeing what i paint where i paint it xD

Succubus Dryad Of The Undying Comet:
I'd say PhotoShop, but since I'm on linux I'm using Gimp.
It doesn't make much of a difference, really. It's all in what interface you like more, and what you can afford.

The second pic looks like concept art for a mix of club house and museum.  The long hallways of Club mixed with the look of museum.  The columns separated from the wall kind of look like Museum.


Small thumbnail to get the overall look of a much bigger concept piece I'm going to be working on for the next few weeks. As for a program, I've been using Photoshop for over 8 years, and always will.


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