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My idea for a map.(kickass selfmade artworks xD)

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So... - in case the pic is not visable.

It's a mountain during a snow-storm in case someone didnt notice... But it's not a normal one because there is this little feature in the middle of it. From side it looks like this: - in case the pic is not visable.

That's a hangar inside the mountain.(I didn't put the snow-storm to make things more visable) So in the begining of the mission you're inside the hangar and the bomb is planted, nothing to do about it. You have 1 min before it blows up. Spies are heading to the main door of hangar to make a parachute jump. Mercs can either try to kill spys and risk one of their lifes being exploded or just go directly to the lift which will take them down(as shown on image there will be some music in the lift to make it more enjoyable - we can make vote poles what song will be in - no rap,hiphop,metal)
As spys fly down they get an info that there is transmission of some TOP SECRET files(This was suppose to be prevented by destroying the hangar, so a twist in story!). The signal is coming from little town which is right under mountain hangar: - in case the pic is not visable.

Here the main action goes in Town. You land on the roof of the biggest building and start infiltration. This will be ofc a headquarter of some bad guy but he left the place and sent the mercenaries in.

SO :D How do you like the idea? What could be your possible vision of this mission? And I know pics - are kick ass ;).

^ Ubi developer confirmed

uhhmm... on this map there would be enought space for the whole PS community to play on... (in 1 server of course!)

How about remaking "rocadamour" (or however its spelled) for PS? It would suit you much better.....

P.S.: [If someone says: "(uhhm you fail Sir, )you cannot see the sarcasm of the thread OP", then he fails...]

Oh come on. I know pics are just lookin dumb but imagine the thing. Bomb is planted you run like hell to the hangar exit and make the jump down. I thought that would be kick ass.

Then the down part with a mountain town. I would make it very small. The whole thing would be happening in one building and the rest of the town would be blocked.

so you are serious about this? xD


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