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Here is the first picture of my map in UDK. It's called Rocamadour, I based it on... let's say impressions after visiting the Rocamadour city on rock in France( GOOGLE IT, if you wish ;P). I hope it will become a part of PS when it comes out(or maybe even earlier? :D). This topic will show my progress and it might also contain questions to people who know UDK better then me(thanks mulleDK and Frvge for answers on xfire! - more questions coming soon xD).

Hmmm....More lightning.

Keep it up!

I like the Fog. Mainly because it's an idea that I haven't seen before as a constant thing. It would be interesting to see if that would be an advantage for the spies. Does is cloud EMF or MT? Does is mess with static defenses at all (motion detectors/cameras)?

I know those can't be answered with any certainty, but it would be nice to hear what the thoughts on those are.

Well I hope taht it won't affect emf vision and termal one otherwise I kick it out...


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