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Hi all,

I'll move the server configuration to a more common one with a nice control panel. My own sysadmin skills aren't as good as I hoped, so incoming email has been down for a while. Soooo I'll be changing it to a more easily managed set-up. Of course, I'll tweak it for speed because that's what I like myself.

The forums might be affected. I try to minimize the downtime. Follow Project_Stealth on twitter to keep up2date on the maintenance while it's underway.


Your not-so-awesome-sysadmin.

Maintenance has been postponed till next weekend. I think.

I put up a request for another hosting environment. Mail has been fixed by switching to Google Apps. yay, finally mail.
Emails to the contact form now end up at the press account again instead of my private email.

We had some unexpected downtime today. This was caused by me uploading a 3GB file and there wasn't enough diskspace left (so the server couldn't write temporary files etc). I moved the virtual server to a normal harddisk instead of the SSD it was on before. After this, it had problems with its filesystem so I had to fix that too. Anyway, we're up again and I updated some software. No, not yet the webserver... so you'll probably have the white screen after logging in for a while. Sorry 'bout that.



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