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Community Map: a recap of PS' challenges and Stage 1 of the map

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Hi all,

Everyone agrees that PS is taking too long to develop. The reason for this is pretty simple: we want quality and people with the needed skillset are hard to find. People that stay and give positive value to the project are even harder to find. Most of the Try-out people get various tests. The results of these tests are in one way or another beneficial for PS and/or for the skillset of the person applying for a role. However, this process can take up to 1.5 months, depending on how fast the applicant is. If the applicant then is approved and allowed in the Core Dev team, they often have changing lives and have to resign because of this (less time than expected etc). The total "value" is then the limited number of results from tests (some are not useful for PS) minus the time put in training and recruiting of that applicant. On average, this value is low or negative unfortunately.

If you look at it from another perspective, we might get more value with more contributors that stick to the project for a longer period, although the initial quality itself might be less than the current one. This is not a big deal: with the time people put into the various skills, they will become better at those skills and will hopefully remake models that aren't up to par.

With all this aside, I'd like to present:
Community Map: Stage 1 (Brainstorm)(haha, Comic Sans-ed!)
The idea is that you post ideas for maps, with a background. For each map, you should ask yourselft the following questions:

* Is this an interesting location? Players have seen countless of homogenous warehouses and so on. Be original! (House of Wax, base on the Moon, sewers, animal shelter)
* What kind of objectives are fun there? Note that you are NOT limited to hacking PCs etc. Everything can be an objective. Want to make using the elevators 20 times an objective? Go for it. As long as that makes sense in your setting (think TF2's various game modes).
* Are the objectives, besides fun, somewhat logical for both Spy and Merc? We're still trying to be a realistic game. Extracting a famous puppy from the shelter is logical. Extracting a health report of that puppy probably is not. You should be able to write a short synopsis of a background story for both Spy and Merc as to why protecting/infiltrating this location is so important.
* Who is defending? Spies and Mercs can change in their "position" of being the good guy/bad guy. This depends on your answer of point 3. Stealing bread to feed a starving child... who is good and who is bad. Interesting for backgrounds! Feel free to experiment.
* Does the location provide enough gameplay possibilities for both Spy and Merc? A train might be cool, but there's not enough manouverability for the Spies there. You can always get creative tho! (Shrink the Spies!)
* Is it a mature theme or not? I don't mind some controversy. Want to infiltrate a brothel and hack the PC of the pimp who overdosed to get his cash flow? Go ahead. You decide. As long as there's a good story! (pimp was selling CIA files to alien invaders). However, the final say in this part is with the Core Dev team.
Those are some points that I personally use when I brainstorm about maps. They are fairly high-level, so you can think of more yourself. If you have a good point, post it and I can add it to the list.

Thanks and I'm very curuious what you guys can come up with. After a few ideas, let's say 4-5, we'll have a poll to pick the best one. then it's on to Stage 2: designing the map and concept art.


Well, personally I think that instead of creating a map around a story, wouldn't it be a lot easier to create a story based on a map?
This is like literature... FIRST you create the setting, the characters, etc. and THEN you create the story around that (at least from the perspective of the reader)

In other words: I suggest we mix stage 2 with stage 1 and prirotize the design before the backgroundstory.

Aside from that:
Things that (imo) should be considered before creating a map:

1. What size do you want the map to have?

2. In what kind of order do you want the (yet unknown kind of) objectives to be done? Do it like club house where you have access to them all from the start? Or do it in a Sector system like warehouse? Or possibly a completly different System that will blow our minds?

3. [SUGGESTION] Do you want (if possible) to make the merc be the ones who have to do the objectives instead of the spy? Or do you prefer the classical spy infiltrators?

4. Do you want the map to be dark, but with only a few spy-exclusive passages, or do you prefer a bright map but with lots of spy-exclusive passages? Or maybe a middle ground?

That was my "brainstorming" for now. Maybe i get more ideas later on.

Working from a setting is better than from a design, especially in the realism perspective for consistency.

The rest is good for stage 2, but we're sticking to stage 1 for now. So please focus on locaiton ideas for now.

hah funnily on my trip to Albania we were told by the guide about a perfect place for a map. In Albania there is a port built inside of a mountain and its super huge and so on, all the tunnels make up for 16 kms and the best part is: It was never used! Because the entrances were too small and the tide and waves too big to get into that port without crushing into the cliff. I think there is plenty to do around this idea.

Well, work it out with help from the points given above.


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