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Community Map: a recap of PS' challenges and Stage 1 of the map

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--- Quote from: Meister_Neo on August 19, 2012, 05:31:53 AM ---Some people on the forums discussed about a "Fort Knox" map some time ago. A government gold depot (IIRC) would make an interesting place for spy vs merc.

Time: near future

Story: Some time ago the non-government-company "AE" bought former gold storage "Fort Knox" from the government, because the U.S.A. had a new and more modern depot called "Fort X6" (comment: who gets the easter eggs?  ;) )
Now the government is in a financial crisis and they risk sending in [insert name of PS spies] to get their necessary funds for their campaign, however AE's information network helped them to find out about the attack shortly before it happens. In reaction to the imminent attack, AE sends out [insert name of PS mercs], one of the best PMCs in the world, to prevent the attack from being a success.

This would make the spies look kind of evil and would show a typical "fight over money".

--- End quote ---

you mean this one :D by me :D


--- Quote --- (hint: use a sector map: first a small part is shutdown for maintenance. Then Spies hack electricity so other things are evacuated -> doors open to other sectors). Just an example.

--- End quote ---
That's actually a great idea. I approve :)

I really like the idea of an airport! Could create a really awesome map...

Though one problem with an airport is - ALOT of big spaces..

A nuke went off in the country (unspecified?), so everything is being evacuated, all airports are shut down due to the country being a war-zone. That would make for debris, luggage carts, buggies, and suitcases (for blocking conveyer belts realistically) which would act as cover for players. Would be a good setting, having locked keypad doors and what not. The enemy country have taken over the airport for some reason (which would again add mobile equipment stations for cover and objectives), and the spies are getting in to obtain intel. Yeah, yeah?

Total disasters are so cliche, but it would be possible.


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