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Community Map: a recap of PS' challenges and Stage 1 of the map

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--- Quote from: KnoogeR on August 25, 2012, 06:22:54 PM ---Rocamadour for PS! including better map balance, FX and sounds!

TBH I would like to see State Union, Clarity Soft Inc. (So underrated map) and some tweaked Shadow Moshes :D

PS. Maps should be as neutral as possible overall - but some objectives should be harder for spy/merc or so. Pure Merc maps in CT was never really liked by anybody eg. Warehouse, Deftech, Station...

--- End quote ---

I was actually thinking of a State Union remake awhile ago, but of course fix some of the balance issues and maybe make it creep more towards the original design and flow I planned for it. I couldn't ever find the Sketchup I had for the original design, sadly. I think it got lost on an old PC that broke and I could never find anybody who still had it, and sadly none of the images were saved either and the site I hosted them on way back then is shut down now. Sad day...

It's funny and a bit disappointing to see that I only saw 2 brainstormed ideas here. I know it's been a bit dead lately, but still... Come on people, start posting more good stuff. Else we'll pick from the airport and fort knox.

just to make sure: "Rocadamour" (sorry if misspelled) is a running remake project by pusianka (who created the original roca in SCCT also) that has nothing to do with this community map, right?

I am not very sure about the "airport" map, btw. If I think about it, it somehow resembles cinema (just in my imagination of course).
At the same time... Fort Knox would resemble bank though...

Damn! Can't we have a "PS-original" map for once? xD

Pusianka can best answer any questions about Rocamadour. I have no further info on that.

Title: Spy Base

Description: Base for the Spies. Merc's have decided to bring the war right to the Spy's front door.


Title: Merc Base

Description: Merc's have been less than good at doing their job against the Spies. They've been pushed back to their base.

That's all I got for them. I'm not sure what kind of backstory is there for either side, so I'm not sure what the levels would actually look like.

(Is this set in the future? Are the Spies Robots!? Are the Mercs ROBOTS!?!?!?! Is it a problem that I hope there are some kind of robots?)


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