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Community Map: a recap of PS' challenges and Stage 1 of the map

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Some people on the forums discussed about a "Fort Knox" map some time ago. A government gold depot (IIRC) would make an interesting place for spy vs merc.

Time: near future

Story: Some time ago the non-government-company "AE" bought former gold storage "Fort Knox" from the government, because the U.S.A. had a new and more modern depot called "Fort X6" (comment: who gets the easter eggs?  ;) )
Now the government is in a financial crisis and they risk sending in [insert name of PS spies] to get their necessary funds for their campaign, however AE's information network helped them to find out about the attack shortly before it happens. In reaction to the imminent attack, AE sends out [insert name of PS mercs], one of the best PMCs in the world, to prevent the attack from being a success.

This would make the spies look kind of evil and would show a typical "fight over money".

Presenting map idea: Airport

* interesting idea? Yes of course, huge potential of using an original idea, familiar setting and special spy passages
* kind of objectives? I'm thinking of computer terminals in stores, checkin-area, flight control room, cockpits of airplanes and so on
* logical objectives?  At least to some amount I'd say
* Who is defending?Definitely mercs!
* gameplay possibilities? IMHO huge, spy vents (e.g. luggage vents), security, different types of gameplay areas: big open areas aswell as small and narrow terminals and in between (shops, waiting rooms)
* mature theme?Let's stay soft for this one!
Let's go a step further...

* Inspiration for art and level design:
* Here is a quick sketch of the possible map layout I made: (sorry for my poor skills)

Try a bit with more text in the answers. Also, where do the normal passengers go? You can fake stuff, but it'll be hard.


--- Quote from: frvge on August 19, 2012, 07:55:48 PM ---Try a bit with more text in the answers. Also, where do the normal passengers go? You can fake stuff, but it'll be hard.

--- End quote ---

I guess it could work in the setting, of the airport being temporally shut down.
Therefore spys and mercs could use the same ways and areas of normal passengers. Mercs would be allowed to go anywhere (including security areas), to fullfill their mission of protecting the airport.
Spys on the other hand have the mission to infiltrate the building and steal / hack classified information.

Obviously there has to be a bigger reason for the shutdown and protection of the airport.
E.g.: The government got a tip of a possible attack on the building...

Maybe a night setting would further improve realism.

Closing an entire terminal is not realistic. A whole airport? I doubt it. These structures have big contingity (spelling?) plans in case there's a fire, flood, attack, hostage situation or just maintenance. (hint: use a sector map: first a small part is shutdown for maintenance. Then Spies hack electricity so other things are evacuated -> doors open to other sectors). Just an example.


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