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Community Map: stage 2: overall themes

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In stage 1, the map that got most votes was the Airport.

At this stage, it's time to think about the following:
- which kinds of objectives?
- what kind of map flow (sector/open world/hybrid)
- art direction and color scheme of the map

Please note that I haven't put up the 'design' of the map itself. Usually that can be done in parallel, but in this case I dont think that's a good way.

Sooooo let's flesh out the points above a bit more to get consensus and get past the brainstorm phase.

Come on people :)

See? That's what you get by taking "airport"! If we had fort knox, i would have already written a very constructive text, but no... people say "nah i rather have airport" and then they just run away and hide because they did not actually think about it at all before or after voting (it seems).

Noone's stopping you from making a banking vault in the airport...

Well... it was only said "airport"... NO ONE said that it has to be a civil airport 8)

Ok it will be the military airport of Area 51!

Jokes aside I think it would be nice if a plane's interior would be included. But I also think it would be good if there was a direct entrance into the plane from the airport, like this:


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