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Helping Risokun with homework ^^ Yay!

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Just before anyone goes all hail shit on me and what not, I did post same thing on the UDK forums.


See how the Fluid Surface Actor is not encompassing the entire pond? Well in game it does, check the video below. Why? Why when I scale that, this thing spazzes out into 2-3 times the original size in-game yet in editor it doesn't even encase the entire thing?


This is the wireframe of how the UT Water Volume looks, it encompasses to the grid point the entire pond. Here is the weird part. On the left side, when my character walks around the edges, it makes splash noises as if it's walking on the water etc.

But on the right side the bigger pond, it doesn't at all. Yet it's the same water volume, it's just extruded and stuff, why is that??? It's all same height etc.


Video to explain it better. Notice how the Fluid Surface Actor has encompassed the entire pond! Yet on the editor it's not even near big enough!!!

Lennard solved the sound issue. The solution was to go into UDK and specifically do:

Build > Geometry for Current Levels.

Now would be nice to get the Fluid Surface Actor......*sits and waits for the God Zedblade* ;_;

Lennard solved it with the same solution...Zedblade doesn't have to feel morally obliged and gets more free time than he thought.

Thank you to both, Lennard and Zedblade, because I know Zed would be available anyway~ #kissassmaxhardcore

Why are you still on UDK? Get with the times :P


--- Quote from: frvge on March 24, 2014, 01:17:02 AM ---Why are you still on UDK? Get with the times :P

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What do you mean? What else am I meant to use?

frvge: :)


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