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Our Kickstarter: discuss it here

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Hi all,

As said in the Information section, we'll start a Kickstarter within a week (unless something really weird happens). You can use this thread to discuss it and to give feedback.



1. Where will the kickstarter be? (
2. Whats the goal ammount of money?
3. There should be more promotion for the kickstarter. My idea was to ask some youtubers to promote it. I think that FRANKIEonPCin1080p once said in a video that he spent like 1000 hours in SPCT SvM on xbox. Having some gameplay footage would be good for this (what about the trailer you have talkend about in another thread?)

HI Ayac,

1: it'll be on, yes.
2: you'll see when it goes live. It's quite a lot of money, but it's already way down from earlier budgets
3: I'm in contact with him :)

Nice to hear.
Have you contact to other youtubers? If yes, who?

No, I'm not really familiar with them besides pewdiepie. If you know youtubers who would be interested in giving us some exposure, please let me know :)


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