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I think Centerstrain01 could be interested. He said that he is more into the stealth genre. Maybe Threatty. There could be more, but most of the youtubers just played the singleplayer and then left the game :-\

Oh god please don't dare to contact pewdiepie about your game if you dont want a bunch of 12 year old raging kiddies in your game destroying the hardcore gameplay.

TotalBiscuit is another respectable youtuber who is doing honest reviews, but for him I would wait until a later stage of production. (Altough im not sure if he does multiplayer reviews and he mostly focusses on game production and the idea of the game and less on gameplay.)

If you want professionalism at its finest and truthfullness I suggest you take a look at rageaholics reviews on the splintercells. Hes a Huge Spies Versus mercenary fan. [


On top of that then when theres a  release : Euro gamer : .

Eurogamer seems freindly to indie projects.

Anyway if kickstarter amount of pledge will be high...there should be a big adv compaign....borders must include not only youtube, but gaming sites (coop-related, multiplay, indie, news), social networks.

But, as marketist, I can say that the main problem is a lack of new information: so if random stranger came on your youtube account, or twitter, or even facebook and site - he will see that last posts are dated long time ago, and there is not much of them.  As I see this situation: in this point developers should look on socialization -  make daily posts in social services (even if you're dont have new info, you always can represent something like "tip-of-the-day", it can be not important but interesting to read (in example: did you know that flashlight useful range is nearly 30m?)). Crowd will see that there is text to read, and they will read, and they will subscribe and the will be glad to see any, even not big-deal, notify.

Developers already said that project stealth is "community-driven", so there is one simple truth to understand: if developers will start to speak with crowd - crowd will start to speak with developers.

Sorry for my english..not native one...

Hi Gaio, thanks for your comments and welcome :)


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