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from a long time SvM fan to Project Stealth developers.

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In practice it's stalled. We might put in a few  hours here and there over the next x months to maybe get a new kickstarter going.

Maybe you want to publish plan of advertising company for this new kickstarter?

I'm not sure we'll use them again. Maybe we will, maybe we won't.

You probably don't need to start a new kickstarter if you don't get a good gameplay video together so people who never played splinter cell versus actually know whats this game is. Probably the best right now would be to get a beta version going to get people interested and maybe connect it with steam greenlight/early access or something.

I still suggest somehow making a donation on free basis possible. That way people can donate on their own pace, ideally if it includes methods other than credit cards. But direct bank transaction can cause shrinkage, due to international transaction costs, so something like pay-pal (doesn't have to be pay-pal itself, just something similar) would be the best bet.


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