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Please help me deal with EAX users :(


Spartan Kobe:
I am really tired of playing on maps like Museum where even if I go as slow as possible in a vent some EAX user can hear me from halfway across the map and go to Exhi and wait for me to come out.

I can't use EAX myself because of my OS...etc.

It just seems kind of unfair.

How do I combat this?

Ubi's EAX implementation sucked. There is no way to fix it as far as I know. Maybe Agentx has some ideas.

Spartan Kobe:
I'm a changed person now. My experiences on ct have made me change my mind about this topic.

I regret making it. Many ways to deal with EAX and yet no one uses them and just whines and whines all day long.

If you can share your ways, that would be useful for the next person :)

Spartan Kobe:
I got eax working for me and...

Well, honestly you just get used to sitting still or being careful on surfaces that are really easy to hear.

And honestly, a lot of the times I find myself just playing like I usually do against really good eax users. I remember I was playing against these two well known high level players that had eax, with one of them being known for really good sound equipment. Games were pretty even anyway. Just go slow and don't take out your gun too much.

If you use teamwork and act quickly a lot the eax simply doesn't matter. It doesn't make you god. It just maybe gives you an easier time hearing mines and an easier time beating whiny noobs. That's really it. If the games were absolutely serious and the teams were coordinating well, the eax simply doesn't help that much. You would have 2 spies aggro'ing your *** before you would be able to make use of your eax.

Also, just do the stealth jumping and slow crouching a lot. Even if the opponents don't have eax, you should do it anyway. You will get used to it quicker, and imo you should always play like you're about to play against super mlg pros. It keeps your play well suited for all levels.


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