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Hi all,

We're still working hard on finding an investor for Project Stealth. We've had multiple candidates but we want to give you the best experience we can so we don't accept offers easily and had to turn a few publishers down. We want to get a more visible footprint for the general public instead of this forum. In other words: the topics that you create should be easier to share.

With that in mind, we'll focus our attention to Facebook. When the time is right, we will also have more exposure on Reddit and twitter. In the meantime the forums will be archived for a nice clean start when we re-start development.

I want to thank you for all the great posts you've contributed. They will stay available for reading and reference.


Producer of Project Stealth

There are many gaming forums and communities on the internet. We'd like to get exposure, but I think making a new account for each of them only to post about PS is spammy.
I'd like you to make a post about PS and our Kickstarter if you already happen to have an account on these sites.
If you've done so, please post a link here so I can update the thread. If there are multiple boards/topics where PS would make sense, then multiple topics for PS are fine IMO.


Hi all,

I'm very happy to announce that our Kickstarter is now LIVE. Go check it out at and back us and share it :)

It's been a looooong ride and I'm pleased and anxious to see what will become of it. Let's hope for the best.

Thank you,

Public Discussion / Our Kickstarter: discuss it here
April 26, 2014, 02:45:18 AM
Hi all,

As said in the Information section, we'll start a Kickstarter within a week (unless something really weird happens). You can use this thread to discuss it and to give feedback.


Hi all,

I'm happy to announce we'll start a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign very, very soon.
We're currently dotting the i's and crossing the t's so check back every day!


Hi all,

We're looking for translators to translate the homepage in various languages. Are you a native speaker of a language that is not English and are you a good writer? Please leave a message :)


This thread contains information about mapping Maya Scenes to Unreal Units (UUs) and the sizes of common gameplay elements in Unreal Units. Without following these rules, the levels will be either too big or small and gameplay code might not work as expected.

Matching Maya Scene settings to Unreal Units:
First go to Window -> Settings/Preferances -> Preferance and then Settings on the left of the box that popped up. In Settings and under Working Units and next to where it says Linear there should be a drop-down box. Make sure this box is set to Centimeters. Save the changes

Next go to Display -> Grid Options and set up the grid to be displayed as follows;

Length and Width: 1024
Grid lines Every: 128
Subdivisions: 8

Save changes.

Now you might need to change the camera options. In a viewport, select View -> Select Camera and then press ctrl + A to bring up the camera's properties. Here you will need to change the Far Clip Plane to some really big number just to be safe, for example 10000000.00.

Prop Dimensions:
The following dimensions are in Unreal Units.

1. Vent Size: 128x128
2. Grab Ledge height: Kkeep the minimum height of things to be climbed on to 64 (for a 'step up') and the maximum to 312.
3. Door Height/width: Single door - 128x256. Double Door - 256x256.
4. Split Jump Width: 192
5. Run up wall jump height of vent: 384.
6. COOP Height: 512
7. Rail pull height: 96 (From the ledge the spy hangs from, to the top of the heighest railing point.)
8. Pole radius/width: 16
9. Zip Line radius: 4
10. Stairs - Steep stairs have steps that are 16x16 and Standard stairs, which should be used more often have steps that are 32x16.
Hi all,

Now that Epic Games has released their excellent Unreal Engine 4 for a cheap price, the power to create new maps for Project Stealth is in your hands. With great power comes great responsibility, so here is a list of the topics we want to see:

- Work-in-progress topic of your map. Maximum 2 topics per map (one for the actual content and one with the discussion).
- Finished topic of your map. This will also have the main discussion about your finished map.
- Requests for help with Project Stealth-specific elements (currently not yet applicable)

What we do NOT want to see here is:
- General requests for help with the Editor or any of its subcomponents (Matinee, Blueprints, Material Editor etc). Please use a generic Unreal Engine 4 forum for that.
- Asking for help with your map when you do not have anything to show yet. You need to be able to show either code or (at least) BSP. Just having an idea and asking for others to make it is NOT enough.
- Maps that are clear 1-to-1 ports using the original assets (so using mostly models that you didn't create yourself) and so on. In other words, you need to show some of your own creativity.

Our developers are busy and will not be able to offer help, but they might pop by every once in a while. Of course I will try to answer your questions if I'm able to.

We are looking forward to seeing your creations!

Thank you for reading,

Public Discussion / Our new site has launched!
February 09, 2014, 03:49:55 AM
Hi all,

I'm very happy to announce that we launched our new site. You can marvel at it at . More news will hopefully arrive in the next 2 weeks.


Hi all,

We hope a lot of new things will happen over the next two months, so we have decided to archive most of the discussions. This will mean that all topics will be set to a read-only state, to make room for new, updated topics and forum categories.

In practical terms:
- You will be able to create new topics and posts in the new forum sections
- You will be able to read your archived posts
- You will not be able to edit or reply to archived topics and/or posts

Please contact me via Private Message if you have questions or comments about this.

Thank you for your understanding,

General / Off-Topic / Splinter Cell on-sale on Steam
January 31, 2014, 11:27:03 PM .

Wow much games. Such discount!

Hi all,

I'm happy to kick-off 2014 with the release of our new logo. It's visible on our Facebook ( ) as part of a sneakpeek of our new website. Our logo is one of the first big changes that you'll see in 2014. People with an eye of detail have noticed we dropped the "Spy versus Mercenary" subtitle. Later this month, I hope to be able to release our new website. For that to happen, we need your help. We currently have the text "Reinforced Stealth Action Multiplayer", but we're looking for a better word for "Reinforced". Then after our website release.... *mumbles something* ... and then we can release the game running on Unreal Engine 4!

Thanks for your continued patience (really, I know it's hard),


Credits: Many thanks to tigaer for the 2D version of the logo and goodkebab for the 3D version (to be revealed later this month).
Public Discussion / Engine and other updates
November 21, 2013, 01:50:36 AM
Hi all,

As you might have read on our FB ( ), we've switched to Unreal Engine 4. We gotta stay with the time and the technical advances of the past years.

This switch means we'll be rebuilding the game, which was needed from a QA perspective, but this time in native C++. We expect to get better framerates while having more effects because of this. C++ also enables us to use common debugging tools and so on. A lot of the building block logic can be transferred but it's currently too early to really get a good estimate on the total time it will take. We intend to speed the process up with multiple full-time programmers, but more info on that will hopefully come around New Year.

The past year has been one of the most interesting years for PS: we've formed a company, kicked off more marketing (screenshot per week) on Facebook, have shown Asylum and some in-game video footage for the first time, evaluated and switched to a new Engine and prepared a lot of stuff behind-the-scenes that is yet to be revealed. We intend on continuing with this in 2014 and would like your support. It will be released when it's done.

If you haven't liked us on FB yet, you're missing out on a screenshot per week, and sometimes even more!

Thanks for reading :)
Share our FB page ( ) to as many people as you can, collect likes and win a 4:12 minute video of our unreleased beta Merc HUD. The person who gathers most likes wins. Re-shares by your friends count for 5 likes.
Official information and announcements / GamesCom 2013
August 18, 2013, 09:54:22 PM
I'll be walking around at Gamescom on Wednesday the 21st. I'll probably mostly be in the Business Area but if people want to say hi, please PM me and we can arrange something.

Public Discussion / Official Facebook page
August 11, 2013, 08:55:41 PM
Hi all,

We've just created an official Facebook page. Free free to like :)
It's still a bit empty, but that'll change over the week I hope.

Please also like our business page ( then I can get a better URL :P )


General / Off-Topic / Oculus VR: useful or a gimmick?
August 11, 2013, 04:52:04 AM
Hi all,

I'd like to know what uses you can imagine for the Oculus in a stealth game. I personally find it hard to see the benefits for games that have a third-person element. I think it'd only distract.
For shooters, it's great of course.

I'd like your input on this :)
Public Discussion / Experiments and failures
August 06, 2013, 03:16:11 AM
Hi all!

It's time for another look behind-the-scenes. Besides all the awesome stuff that we have (really!), we also experiment with new things. Like 2D art. Experiments can fail. I'd like to show you one of the experiments for a logo-ish concept.

The asymmetric-ness of Spy and Merc gameplay styles is one of the pillars of Project Stealth. They are also "combined" in one game. They are also opposite teams looking the other way. Based on these facts, we've tried to make the faces of the characters in a way like  . It's a great piece of art.

Unfortunately, the faces of our protagonists are not suitable for this, as the two links below show.

The Spy is way too sad :(

We'd like to get your feedback, both on the concept and on this behind-the-scenes look. Is it useful? Is it fun? Let us know!

Big thanks for tigaer for the 2D art.
July 13th 2013

Heartcore Games BV was established on June 13th by Mr Frank van Gemeren and is situated in  the Dutch media capital Hilversum. The focus area of Heartcore Games BV is hardcore PC gamers in niche genres.

Heartcore Games BV was set-up as a way to professionalize a seven year old game development project called "Project Stealth". Van Gemeren has led a team of volunteers across the globe from the game's early concepts to its current pre-alpha state. Formalizing the business structure is the  stepping stone to getting funding for further development, and subsequent release in digital stores, of its first game.

All initial collaborators of Heartcore Games BV have experience in the game and movie industry.

About Heartcore Games BV:
Founded in 2013, Heartcore Games is a Dutch games studio and focuses on hardcore PC gamers in niche markets.
General / Off-Topic / Video editing software
June 28, 2013, 08:05:42 PM
Which movie editing software is in your opinion best? I need: fades in audio and video, separate video and audio track and layers/overlays. :)