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Hello devs Im going to cover a few points that I think many would agree with me when I saw they should have been in chaos theory on pc.

Spectator mode:
for competitive and entertainment and for game popularity it would benefit you greatly to make a spectator mode.
In splintercell chaos theory you have your basic 2v2 layout 2 spys vs 2 mercs and when you die off you can spectator your teamate as he makes his way around the map to eliminate the objectives as a spy or snipe a few heads off as merc.
But many people have told me to submit this on the forum and tiger has also told me to make this post to show other devs.
We need a more sophisticated spectator system rather then limiting the spectator ability to something as slim as i watch my teamate lets make project stealth the ultimate entertainment where you can play or watch.
Lets make a spectate game section.
but im sure your probably wondering, how does this help project stealth?
This will help project stealth by giving it tons of publicity and reputation cause you not only can play the game you can watch it this now brings in streams, broadcasts and many other fans to watch your new game and to watch the veteran players

Unreal engine: Also because were using the unreal engine to have the game made so it shouldn't be to hard to implement this feature especially because the unreal engine is virtually limitless.

Addition Info
I would like the devs to really consider this check it out guys

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