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freeman and me decided to create a map for ps inspired by a big cinema at my town (this picture gallery should help you understand the 3 floors layout: the size of the inside and the gameplay will be similar to factory (but there will also be disk hunt and a bomb objective), the athmosphere (lightning, materials, soundscape etc) similar to ump cinema. i came up with this basic layout yesterday and would like to get some feedback (especially from zedblade and element54):

-spy spawn on the outside of the building. it's not yet sure if mercs coming outside close to the spy spawn get sniped or killed by the rain or if they aren't allowed to come out at all.
-the disks are movies you steal out of the projector (so the movie stops) and that you either drop at in the server room (=uploading to the internets), in the biggest movie theatre (=hiding) or get safely on the outside with it.
-the lobby is 3/4 as long as main hall (factory) and the glass wall works like the one on clarity soft with poles allowing you to climb up onto a vent with holes that allows you to either use the vent or slide back down to lobby with some zip lines
-the shutter hack closes the projector room windows (+breakable glass in the windows, so sniping via them opens up a silent route for the spies; if the spies want to get in there they have to make a noise and coop)
-the bomb objective is the maize supplies so that it makes a huge popcorn explosion lolz; the popcorn machine can get turned on and off to create noise
-all the theatre rooms are sparely lit up
-hacking lights turns down all the lights in lobby (only moonlight stays)
-sprinkler hack makes the sprinklers go off for 2min in lobby, supply room, tech room, toilets, 2nd floor, cafe
-there will be many split jump possibilities on the dark 2nd floor and at the cinema entrances
-the vents going down to toilets, tech room, server room and 2nd floor are work only one way: down
-the security central (merc spawn) helps you figure out which emergency exits got hacked by seeing which security cams got disabled

feel free to ask if something isn't clear.

Succubus Dryad Of The Undying Comet:
PTcinema was 2 floors... now we get a third. YAY!
<Hospital had 3 floors (4 levels) too>

most of the action will take place on the 1st floor and in the cinemas (they are steep and go from 1st to ground floor), the 2nd floor is rather small and meant as an alternative spy route, the outside is works similar to krauser lab.

looks cool, could u perhaps split the floor layouts, it gets somewhat confusing layered.

i had no time yet to paint the exact layouts for 2nd floor and ground floor = parking lot, but before i do i'd like to hear some feedback on the basic layout. so plz tell me where you see inbalances etc.


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