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--- Quote from: Gui Brazil on April 19, 2008, 12:14:03 AM ---I will now be an ass and you're probably want to shoot me after this post but...WHATEVER!

I'd understand if you two were making a map CONCEPT but I really can't see how you two are gonna make this map come true because of:
a) none has photoshop experience (besides a couple of signatures) to create textures;
b) none has 3ds Max/Maya/Lightwave/XSI/Blender (nice joke right there, you must admit it)/random 3d package experience to create meshes;
c) none knows the difference between something high poly or low poly (you're doomed right now);
d) I know that you didn't know what specular/normal/diffuse was until some weeks ago.

I'm sorry for being an ass but it was the only way to make me stop wondering about that...

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So the only way to make a map for PS is to be an ultra computer geek. This will turn out well...

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Yes, Ultra Geeks is what makes games like WOW, and Crysis, Halo and other crap so good.

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+ for you

And i think cinema could be nice map in PS. If someone can remake it so good.

I thought it was games like WOW, Crysis, Halo and other crap that make Ultra Geeks.


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