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Groznyy, Chechenya   2012

For years the war between Chechen Separatists and the Soviets has raged on. The Separatists have managed to secure a factory that is reportedly being used to create “dirty bombs”. High levels of radioactivity of Cobalt-60 have been detected. Neutralizing this threat is of the utmost importance.

The level has a mix of flavors. It looks like an out door map, but all but one objective is inside. The map takes place within a secure wall. The main building consists of two parts: Security Office and Resarch and Development Department. The security room will have two hacks, one to open the coop locations to the factory below. The other disables security within the R&D Lab. The R&DD consists of three floors. Two floors will have two computers that need to be hacked. The other floor has a disk with important documents that can be stolen. Returning the disc to one of the two getaway vans will be crucial.

There are two bombing locations: One is located out side at the gas tank location, the other inside the factory generators below ground. Access to the factory is very limited. Coming in from the stairs of the main building is one point of entry. The other two entry points are high above the factory floor giving spies an advantage when hacking the security office. Blowing up the lower factory will create a giant hole within the compound releasing thick black smoke. In turn Blowing up the giant cylinders outside will create new openings to get into the hidden factory below.

How the map will play, it depends on play style. The map is average in size and will probably play very similarly to Steel Squat and Mount Hospital. Those maps are great because of the close quaters but with plenty of hideaways. It's possible to be stealthy or aggressive depending on the route, and how fast you'd like to complete the map.

Two quick renditions of a possible layout:

It may not be exactly what you are looking for but again, it's just an idea.

i obviously am a coder and not a level designer, so my opinion really doesnt count.... you have INFINITE possiblities now and we are still creating stuff similar to original release,  whats wrong with going apeshit crazy and building whatever the hell you want?  Why are we ALWAYS in the same old facility with 3 computers to take out or else bad things happen?  You are quite able to build whatever you want... LITERALLY and we can code specials later, such as monorails and things, heck you could build a city street if you all felt like it.  Not Raggin on you personally daybreak cause level builders are cool, but honestly we are supposed to be doing BETTER than CT.  WTB a new mold.  /rant

You are right. The possibilities are infinite since we are creating new stuff. We can definitely look into things like that. I mean, I've already designed the city street you mentioned. I just don't have the ability to make the map effectively or have the time. Took me 15 minutes to come up with this scenario, hell it's even based on real facts.

The 3 computer things is also a good point, we could make it something completely different. Maybe instead of hacking a computer, we could interogate a suspect or hostage of somesort. The only problem is it requires more time and programming and I think we are trying to keep it simple.

I'm not completely sure if it's possible to do the things I've suggested. But yes, that map could essentially be made for CT. We'll have to discuss, what exactly will separate Project Stealth from CT other than it's not CT. After we make those decisions, we'd have to stick to 'em like a fat kid and a red smartie.

EDIT: Way back I came up with the idea of making unbalanced maps as game types. By that I mean specific 3vs1 maps for super awesome spies. I think it'd be possible by making the map completely open, with so many paths for the mercs to cover that as long as the spies were good enough could complete the level. It's an idea I had for the pros out there who want a challenge. It'd be like the single player game, but with people rather than AI.

YAY daybreak:-) i hadnt thought of the 3v1 thing,  see? we can do ANYTHING why the hell should we limit ourselves?

actually just had another idea for maps, what if for your hostage situation, it was the spies defending instead of the mercs,  perhaps a fast timer game where the mercs have to execute all the hostages before time is up, and the spies have to just slow them down for say 3 min or so.


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