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Abandoned Asylum - Map


well i will omit a real story behind it since i want to get straight to the point ...

im thinking of mount hospital , but if it were ruined by a load of crazed out medicated psycho's then it would look alot more intimidating imo .

so the idea of numbered rooms would be the same , i think a central elevator shaft for the staff could be put in , as well as an outside park are for the visitors . ive seen images of one mental health facility where it even had an arboredum around it , sort of looked like a hospital enclosed in a jungle . would be a good balance of indoor/outdoor action if done with , and the entire map would look pretty spectacular and scary with a jungle outside and ruined dark hallways inside .

that is a start in unreal runtime enigne 2 demo's editor . the outside is nothing near complete and the textures inside are fairly poor .

Wow thats pretty cool. I would like to see a map like that, something with alot of scary feelings while not with a teammate.

So what's that black strip on the walls inside? And I notice you are viewing the outside through a entranceway (presumibly for cars since it looks big) of a stone wall so is the idea of the map a really old building, isolated in the forest converted into a modern asylum?

basically its the other way around , it was a fairly modern asylum , but it was since run-down into a dead-looking shithouse for nuts . the outside area could involve a parking area , that was in the runtime demo and i map in centimeters , so the scale may have been off , it was only big enough to walk through though . so the jungle area ( or arboredum ) would envelope the building .

the strips on the wall are just paint , it would designate the floor or sector of the hospital .

pretty neat so far only complaint so far is the sloppy texturing (which you mentioned already).  The floor looks very dull and the textures on the walls don't match up.


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