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That's right folks, while the main winner of the poll about 'few media updates vs many text updates' was clearly won by the 'few media updates', a question that was asked frequently was: what about both?

Now is the time to reveal... the official Project Stealth Twitter! You can, as of now, follow us at . The few tweets that we've been collecting over a few months have now been unlocked for all to see.

Oh, we're also on YouTube. So if you want to congratulate us on a particular movie/effect/technical thing and you haven't done that before, you know what to do: leave a comment. It's free! Project Stealth on YouTube

Thanks for reading!

Your friendly neighbourhood frvge

Bump for more appealing title, lalala.

Cool.  Can we expect some of those frequent text updates through the twitter then?  I know the community voted for fewer media updates, but I think it's time to start letting the community in on the development process a bit more.  I know progress is slow, but I'd like to know about what progress there is.

@Farleyfan: Yes :) We've been filling it for some months, which resulted in 24 tweets up till now. Just read the history of it.

I just kind of skimmed the first time but yeah there's some interesting stuff.  I see Mulle just did something good  :-*


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