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Hey my name is Trevor Thomas, and the Splinter Cell series have always been my favorite game, and to me you guys look like your bringing back the old school versions of the SC multiplayer like Pandora tomorrow and Chaos Theory. I'd love to be a level designer or planner for the game because I've got lots of experience with Stealth type games and level design. Although I'd hate to say it I have no screenshots from any levels I've been making for the previous games I've worked on because the project just fell apart because not everyone was committed to getting the game finished. I also have some story telling skills, so if you guys ever needed a story for the game I'm here to help.

Right now I'm working on a game known as Siege (FPS Medieval multiplayer game) in UDK. I know their are a lot of people applying, but this is like a dream game right here that I've always wanted to work on.

So all I ask for is a test of some sort to show any skills that would be good for the game. I also know a bit about kismet and matinee as well as some Blender 3D.

Now for video editing, I've been editing videos for over 10 years even started my own show for fun in my town, everyone here loves the show. You can check out different work from me on my different channels.

Early work:

Little more improved trailers and such:

Trailers to my show:
Episode 2 Trailer:
Episode 4 Trailer:

The show's channel:

No offense to whomever' been editing the trailer and teaser, but it didn't catch my attention at all. I think this game will look amazing in the end run, but when you make a trailer you need to catch other peoples attention with the trailer, you need to draw them in. I think I can draw people in if I made the next trailer or a teaser or something.

Just take a look at mainly my trailers and see what you think.

I also really like the logo used for the game and I will definently use it in the trailers I would be making.

Thank you for your time,
Trevor Thomas

Hey Trevor,

Your style of your movies is kinda different from ours.
In order for me to get a better idea, could you make something from our currently released videos?

Merry christmas :)

Sure can. What's the font you guys used in the first video?

And does it matter what music is used? I can use Epic music or anything. Epic music really brings you in to the game, but music like Splinter Cell can also give you an idea that it truly IS a spy game. lol

We use a derivative of Bank Gothic and NeoSans.

Alright I've started but at the moment I'm a little busy, I'll let you know when it's done. Do you want it on Youtube or sent to you?


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