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Hey there, I'm Ushie  :)

Age range: 18
Currently a student, but on holiday until February.
I'd like to apply for a writing position, if it ever pops up.

I live in New Zealand so I'm not sure if this will make much sense to you but..
NCEA runs on the NAME system: Not Achieved, Achieved, Merit, Excellence [Excellence being the highest, 90%+]
Cambridge runs on the alphabet system(?): F through to A* [A* (A Star) being the highest, 90%+]
Passed w/ Excellence in English, NCEA 1,2,3. Passed w/ A* in Cambridge English Level 1,2,3, as well as Passed w/ Excellence in Media Studies NCEA 1,2,3.
Planning on attending University majoring in Creative English with another course in Media Studies and another in Script/Screen Writing.

My experience: Never done writing professionally, never really tried. I just like to scribble down some creative things, currently working on a film script.

If you ever need a writer, I'd be interested.  :P

We're not a story-based game, but creative writing comes in handy for quite some things.
However, it's more like an on-off thing. Currently we don't need a writer, but it's possible that we will need a few texts in a week or something. And then one month nothing and then again a few texts.

How does that sound? Could also use some girl power. :)

Awesome :] I'd be happy to help.

Yeah! Tell me about it, not enough girl power in the stealth genre :p

 ;D ;)


--- Quote from: Ushie on January 06, 2011, 04:23:27 AM ---Yeah! Tell me about it, not enough girl power in the stealth genre :p

--- End quote ---

Plenty, just hiding :P


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