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Hey there, I have 3-4 years experience with site coding. My expertise is in php, mysql, and html. I've come up with a lot of projects in the past, and created sites for them, however the projects never got fully off the ground. I sent in a proposition about site coding through the contact us section not realizing this thread existed. I'd love to help and be involved. SC live on! :p


Frvge is our webmaster/producer/everything, but I would be interested to know the following things:
- Do you have a portfolio of stuff you made over those few years? Regardless if they went live or not?
- Hows your experience in making CMS systems?
- Hows your OOP knowledge?
- Are you familiair with SEO, Caching and everything else to keep script efficient, fast and lightweight?
- Would you be able to create a proper CMS along a number of guidelines and a list of features?
- Are you familiair with JavaScript, jQuery (or alike framework), Ajax and other cool techniques that give a site the extra "Oomph!"?
- CSS along with cross-browser support?



Don't be ashamed if you not familair with some of the above techniques, it was just a question out of general interest. We would love to hear something from you anyhow!


Hey again sorry for the late response. I do have a portfolio, kinda small atm, partially because of the fact that some sites i had up on hosts i stopped paying for so i dont have access to the mysql database to export all the info from there onto a diff free host. One site that I do have up at the moment, which I have to warn you is very basic, I was having issues with a phpBB3 installation on this specific server, so i started coding my own forum for it, didnt turn out too fancy in any means, however its there. Site is . I didn't have a chance to throw much time into, just kind of a sloppy site for a guild on world of warcraft. I'll get onto the other criteria on the list.

-CMS: I have some experience with dreamweaver's file sharing system, nubbish I know :P, and also have some experience creating moderator pages for admins of a site in enabling them to control user posts, application reviews, etc.
-OOP: Wise of implementing it into a desktop based program, no, however if you want to include php functions and some javascript functions, sure :D
-SEO: Don't have too much experience with heading tags in html to completely optimize the site for searches, to be honest my projects that never fully got off the ground never reached a high enough viewing level or recognition level, so there would be no chance any of them would need to be fully optimized, seeing as they weren't a mainstream site yet. Don't have too much experience with caching however I'd say I try my best to keep coding as limited as needed without limiting features and functionality, kinda crazy to code when u have old functions or scripts laying around a page that aren't in use :P
-I could definitely work at creating a proper CMS along side a list of guidelines and features, my motto is try it, if u screw up do it again till you get it right.
-I've always used javascript however never really learned it, whenever i'd need it i'd kinda scrap snippets off of w3. Not sure about jQuery, may have used it or other frameworks similar and just didn't realize the names or related functionality. My use in Ajax has been from using spry sets in Dreamweaver.
-I'd like to say i'm very familiar with css, I personally can't stand a site with white pages and black text :P Have some experience with cross-browser support from trying to setup pages that were compatible with chrome ie firefox and safari all at the same time, which isn't fun i'd say :P

I'd just like to throw in some side notes. I'm a very dedicated learner and worker when it comes to coding. I taught my self everything, really got my coding interest sparked when I took a summarizing short html class. But aside from how to create a body tag and add a title in the header, lol, I learned everything else on my own. Taught myself php, mysql, connecting to mysql servers, css, all the javascript I know, basically anything that I know I learned on my own. I'm a very fast learner when it comes to this type of stuff, I can take any and all criticisms, because I understand that it's needed to get a nonbiased view of my own work :P I love splinter cell, been playin since splinter cell 1, so i feel like this project would really suit me. Eager for your guys' response.



Hi Tyler,

Thanks for your description. I've had a short chat with Lennard, and we think that you're currently not yet at the level that we want.

As a suggestion: only use Dreamweaver in Code-mode. Or even better: use Notepad++ or another text-only editor or IDE. The inclusion of the standard DW comments is not really something that looks professional. The CSS is ok, but is a bit on the small side.

As the web moves from (x)HTML 4 to HTML5, you might want to try out the new possibilities of that. Don't bother getting to know the quirks of HTML4 anymore, go straight to HTML5 with the new article/section-elements and so on. These are good times to get into the 'business' if you know what you're doing :)

Thanks for your interest,



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