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Engine/Scaleform Programmer & 3d modelling

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Nickname:Vampire (Eclipse Games)
Age 20
Personal status on work/college and if you expect it to change within 2 months: Be online around 4pm - 11pm est -5

For which position you apply to: Flash/Scaleform programmer-artist, Engine Programmer, 3d modeling
Your qualifications and skills: 7 years of experience of animating and modelling, and 4 years of programming
Your experience: Been working on several UDK projects and 2 main Combat Operations and UNSC Wars MMO.

A link to previously made work / portfolio / demo reel:

All of this work was done in a year and 3 months by Eclipse Games (my company),and none of these are rips from games all 3ds max and mudbox modeling and texture.

Hi Vampire,

Looks good. I think your combined experience with programming and modeling is very useful. Especially the Scaleform. However, we're now mostly looking for a modeler.

Could you make an operating chair (like , but with an additional 'clasp' for the head and arms?)
And an operating light (also in the pic above).

To top it off with two small props: operating scissors and tweezers. Stainless steel I think.

Of course, these props haven't been used for 80+ years. They can be broken, but will probably be mostly rusty around the edges. The texturing needs to really give the feel of the material like fabric, leather, cheap plastic etc.

The succesful completion of these props will get you into Try-out. After that, there's another round of a few props, maybe with some animation. That will get you Core-Dev access.

An estimated timeframe would be 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity.

If you're up to it, I'm looking forward to seeing the props :)

Thanks for you interest and I hope you'll like it here,


Any specific programming tasks related to ScaleForm and alike is always discussable once in try-out, ofcourse ;)

Thank you all, I am up for the task, though with the operating table do you want everything from that picture including the light and everything?

Hmz, the actual table is indeed not really visible. Use this as a reference for the general style of the table.
Other pic: here


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