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Nickname: c4ssh3rn
Age: 20
In college at Arnhem (Netherlands) studying Communication Multimedia Design

Position: 3D artists (modeling and texturing)
Qualifications and Skills:
Software - 3DS Max, Zbrush, Photoshop, Flash, UDK and After Effects.
Skills - Modelling, texturing, effects.


I have worked on a game called: The Awesome Astronaut vs. Dinosaurs with a team for a school project. You can download the game here.  I mostly made the plants and the tree's in the game and some other stuff.

I was working on some other stuff, but my idiotic drunk friend dropped my laptop with my work on it which completely destroy it including the HDD. Therefore I have nothing more to show you guys.

Looks interesting. Your Zbrush skills will come in handy. I'll try to get back to you by Sunday or Monday (totally busy Saturday) with a simple test.

I'm glad you have some zBrush experience. I would like to see more of that. With that said, everything you've shown isn't all that impressive. I need to see more though. How well do you know zBrush?

We will most likely be giving you a sort of 'test' in a few days. See keep checking back for that.

My experience with zBrush is pretty limited. I mainly used sculpting in zBrush to make normal maps and I used spotlight to make textures (polypainting). Other than that I didn't do much in zBrush, but it is a very interesting program so I'm eager to learn more.

Hi, the test is to model a cubicle like in a fairly modern style. Should have normal office things, like a PC, chair, stuff on the desks, wireless phone, coffee mug, trash bin etc.

It's a big test and if you nail it, you'll be credited. You've got 3 weeks, but keep us updated in the meantime :) It's for the training map. Make sure you pay attention to the normal maps. That can really make or break the quality of a model.


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