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That's indeed a big test. I might not make it in 3 week as it the holiday which means I'm not home most of the days, but I will try my best. I'll keep you guys updated.

Start with the main desks I think, and then work your way down to the smaller items.

Gui Brazil:
Who am I to say a word about this..

But it if takes you more than 3 weeks to make a desk and a chair...

Crazybump (do people still use that?) should take care of all the normal map needed for it and the low res mesh shouldnt take more than a few hours.

Atleast that's how it was hell knows how many years ago.

A whole cubicle is more than that Gui :)

Gui Brazil:
I'm not sure if you recall but I've done quite a few "cubicles" myself AND done this (below) in something like a month or so...

But hell, I was a freaking maniac back then, so nevermind!

Anyway, good luck!


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