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College student pursuing bachelor's and master's in computer science

UDK Programmer, Frvge replied to my general application stating that I may be able to do winning conditions

Well versed in C++, Java, Python, published researcher in immersive virtual reality, I do have entry-level UDK skills though

For UDK: I create a simple map and mod that included med kits, a damage zone, a key for a sliding door and best of all; a custom variable (money) that was displayed and assigned to the player like any other variable

Portfolio: (currently trying set it up, nothing special yet):


Thanks for applying :)

I've browsed your site and read the Java source code. I was wondering if you also have the code available for your python project and preferably also for the HIVE project, or maybe a paper of the latter. I'm mostly looking for OOP code.


Hey Frvge :)
     Unfortunately I can't release the HIVE source code- that's not mine to give out, but I would be more than happy to send you the python source, what works best for sending it? It uses the Panda3D engine and a few models I picked up from

Via a private message is fine. Click my nick, and on the next screen "Send PM". Bedtime now, so it can take up to 18 hours before I can have a look.

I sent the source code in a PM like you asked; 18 hours of sleep, eh? I thought I was the bear, shouldn't I hibernate for that long? Haha bad joke...


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