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I read it. I'll discuss it with the programmer today.

Ok, thank you Frvge- I'm keeping my fingers crossed

Morten hasn't responded :(. Bedtime for me now (18 hours is bedtime + work ;) ).
Could you tell me about object-oriented programming? Haven't seen much of that and that's kinda mandatory in UDKs structure.

Or else you can earn your place by making your own subclassed Pawn in UDK (UnrealScript) with an energy meter and lives. When the energy meter hits 0, the Pawn loses a life. Energy can be replenished by triggering a button or zone or something and when not triggering, it slowly depletes, so the Pawn needs to stay active. You can't regain lives by having more energy than the maximum. When all lives are lost, the game is over and you lose. When the timer (there's a timer) hits 4 minutes, the game is over and you win. Both timer and energymeter should be displayed in the HUD in some way. Not just in console messages.

That's it :)

Not a problem :) And of course-

---begin OOP rant---
     So object oriented programming is the concept that concrete and abstract objects can be represented by a set of variables (I'll use a pen throughout this example) and a set of actions, or functions, (which makes them different from the stuct data type like you would find in C++). For example, if I coded a pen object, I could say "String inkColor = "blue";" and know that the pen will produce blue ink. I can also say things like:
Pen p = new Pen();
Where the pen will draw a line of length 2 units (whatever they've been deemed to be) in blue ink, as stated before.
      Yay, great wonderful- what does this mean / why does this matter? It matters because of things like encapsulation and inheritance. Inheritance meaning I could have a "writingUtinsel" class that has a thickness and a color, but classes such as pen and chalk could be children of this class with their own attributes and functions (pen might have removeCap() and chalk could have washAway() ) while maintaining their color and thickness from writingUtinsel. These classes could even have their own children like erasablePen and sidewalkChalk with even more functions. So why does that even matter? Because of encapsulation; it's everywhere in UDK; we may not know how the Pawn class works (be able to see its source code), but we know that given X and Y we're presented with Z, and that's all we really care about. This is wonderful for development; programmer A no longer cares how B did his job, just that it works, making his job far less complicated.
     These are just a few examples, but I think I've proven my point; I know object oriented programming
--end long rant--

I would be more than happy to do something like that :) I'll bring myself up to speed again and run through it. I should have it to you in a few days.

I wasn't really looking for a textual explanation of the theory, I kinda meant code examples, but that's fine too ;) Looking forward to your UScript code.


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