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Level Designer / Mapper


College Student

Level Designer/Mapper
I've been working with UnrealED/UDK for about 4 years, and Source Hammer for a year.
I am skilled in Photoshop and Maya, but prefer to work with UDK.
I currently have a lot of time on my hands and am wishing to fill it.
I have received invitations to other projects/mods but your project seems to be the most interesting.

I was recruited to the Starcraft FPS game as a level designer / Mapper but the project wont be to the mapping process for another month or two.
So, I have gone searching for other work.

My work has been scattered about and doesn't show my skills very well due to lack of direction:

and a little work that I did with the Material editor just recently.

Though I do not have any personal work at the moment that reflects the style in which your game peruses I will be more than happy to do a demonstration to any specifications that you may have.

hi, can you do normal mapping with zbrush or ndo2? ill have a better look when I am back from holiday.

I do have ZBrush and I'm sure I could learn to do normal mapping if it is truly needed.

Maybe it's easier to learn it from ndo2, if your strengths are not in high poly modeling. But yes, It's necessary for getting more detail in wall materials for example.

Though I do like the concept and game play style of your game the most, I do not feel that my strengths are specifically geared towards what yo are looking for.
And I am aware of Normal maps and generally made them myself through photoshop just tweaking as I needed but Nod2 looks like a very helpful program. I may purchase it in the future. I need to sharpen my skills before I take on a project like yours.

I will be around the game design community, such as moddb, and if you need any help with level design in the future give me shout and I'll see what I can do for you.

I am sorry for wasting your time, and possibly getting your hopes up.
I hope to see you in the future.



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